Best music affiliate programs

Music is the universal language!!!

Every country has a national language. The language of the music is understood by everyone. In fact, people don’t need words or phrases to understand what the music is saying. People enjoy music and dance like nobody’s watching them when their favourite music is played. 

Music can raise your mood, get you super excited or make you relaxed or refreshed. Music is important, it allows you to feel all the emotions that you probably experience in your lives. Music plays an important role in people’s lives. Whether it’s a happy or sad moment, people listen to music. 

If you’re eager to make money through a side gig, affiliate marketing should be your top priority. Yes, millions of people around the world are making passive income by promoting third party products or services.

There are several categories to promote on your website or blog. The popular niches are restaurants, hotels, music and more. For many people, affiliate marketing is the primary source of income. If you’re a blogger or popular influencer, this could be one of the best sources of income for you.

It’s no surprise there are thousands of music affiliate programs online. These programs are offering tons of earning money potential. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Since the music industry is vast, affiliates can make money by promoting several things – instruments, accessories, audio files, recording tools, production studio, audio tools and more.

Just imagine how much money you can earn by promoting each of these music-related products. As per analysis, music instruments are expected to reach more than $54 billion in 2025. This is absolutely true!!!

If you’re running a music-related website or blog, promoting music instruments or audio files is worth it. There are thousands of music products from multiple segments that are offered at premium prices. So, earning huge money is much easier.

Let’s have a look at popular music affiliate programs. These are the trusted affiliate programs available in the market. Whether you’re an artist or technician in the music niche, you can give it a try. Also, influencers from other industries can also take advantage of these music affiliate programs.


The greatest and famous people have many things to teach. Whether it’s music or entertainment, instructors can teach at all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Also, popular tutors share their success stories to inspire everyone.

The MasterClass is the leading streaming destination for all music lovers. The platform delivers the best learning experience for people around the world. All the instructors at MasterClass are top achievers, the classes taught by instructors are clear for every student.

The popular categories are music, acting, cooking, photography and more. Get access to 100+ professional videos within a few simple clicks. Whether you’re on the phone or personal desktop, access videos anywhere at any time.

A MasterClass is offering unlimited access for its members. MasterClass membership costs $180 per year. This could be a cost-effective deal for the one who is looking to learn music or other categories.

Get MasterClass membership right now and get access to 100+ classes that are taught by professionals. Every class has 20 lessons, these last for more than 10 minutes on average. Also, MasterClass members can get a detailed workbook and newsletter. Members can get unlimited access to all the classes. New classes will be added most often.

If you’re running an entertainment blog or music website, promoting MasterClass is the best way to earn passive income. The MasterClass affiliate program is powered by ShareASale. Get the highest commission rate on every qualified sale. The masterClass is offering a 25% commission rate. The cookie duration is 30 days. The best part of this affiliate program is – Monthly bonus. Depending on your performance, MasterClass will provide you with an exciting monthly bonus. You can earn upto $12,000 per month.

The featured music artists are Carlos Santana, Christina Aguillera, Timbaland, Alicia Keys and more. Since the MasterClass membership is high, you can earn a good commission on every sale.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the popular platform to shop for any musical instruments. You can shop from a wide range of collections such as guitars, percussion, studio gear, lights, keyboard and more. People across the globe are buying music instruments from popular brands at the cheapest price.

The platform also lets you purchase used music instruments at budget-friendly prices. If you’re new to the music world, purchase music lessons at Guitar Center.

Become a Guitar Center affiliate member and earn extra money with the world-largest retailer. The affiliate program at Guitar Center is powered by a third party. Everything will be handled by a third party. They offer custom links, promotional material and other tools to generate more sales to Guitar Center. All you need to feature Guitar Center with an affiliate link on your blog or website and earn a commission. Your followers, customers and audience will receive excellent service, massive selection, best price and flexible customer support.

At Guitar Center, your audience can browse from 4000+ music instruments that range from guitars to DJ gear. Every week a new product will be added to the online store. What are you waiting for? Fill the affiliate form at Guitar Center and earn commission on every sale. The commission value depends on the cost of the instruments. The cookie duration is 14 days. Once your commission value reaches $25, a third party will send the amount to your wallet or bank account.

With a wide range of musical instruments at Guitar Center, you can earn more commissions if you generate heavy traffic.


Want to learn piano or keyboard? Looking for the right platform?

Piano For All is a suitable place for you. The learning service offers videos and learning materials for all aspiring artists (beginner, intermediate and advanced). There are millions of students who are learning piano on this platform. You don’t need to spend years to become a pro piano player, you can learn within a few months. Sounds amazing right? Yes!!! Stop wasting your time and money on other platforms, learn from Piano For All lessons. With the DVD option, you can get a backup of all the lessons and listen when you need.

Piano For All is the best piano course online. Currently, there are more than 30,000 students learning piano and keyboard. Professional piano players will teach you everything. Within a couple of weeks, the piano expert will reach you from beginner level to intermediate level.

Join the Piano For All affiliate program and earn money with ease. Did you know that Piano For All is offering a 60% commission on every qualified sale? Yes!!! The platform is offering the highest commission rate compared to other brands. The cookie duration is 3 months.

You don’t need to struggle hard to become a Piano For All affiliate member. Because the signup process is super simple.

  • Create your affiliate account with the popular affiliate network – Clickbank
  • As soon as you create the account, unique affiliate links will be shared with you.
  • Use these affiliate links while promoting Piano For All.
  • Start promoting on your website, blog, social media and whatever else you can to earn maximum commission.
  • Piano For All is offering an impressive commission i.e 60%.
  • Whenever a customer clicks on your link, they redirect to Piano For All’s official website. When your referral becomes a qualified customer, you will earn a commission.
  • The cookie duration is 90 days.

Piano For All also provides extra support while building and running the campaign. If you’ve any doubt or require help, get connected with Piano For All customer support and get a solution within a couple of minutes.

This music affiliate program is something interesting. Because the platform offers high commission rates for the affiliates. On the other hand, the cookie duration is more. This could be a profitable platform for one who is looking to make more money in a short period of time.

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friends is another popular online destination that caters to every requirement of the musician. The platform is committed to helping every musician around the world. Musician’s Friend is offering a wide range of selections to choose from – guitars, basses, drums, microphones, live sound and more.

There are several reasons to choose Musician’s Friend

  • Free shipping – Customers can enjoy free shipping on every order. No minimum purchase value is required.
  • Easy returns – Not satisfied with the music instrument? You can return the product without hassles. Send it to Musician’s Friend 45 days in advance.
  • Largest selection – Currently, there are more than 1,700,000 music instruments listed on Musician’s Friend. All the products are ready to ship.
  • Free 2-years warranty – Whether you’re planning to buy a guitar or drum, Musician’s Friend is offering a free 2-year warranty.
  • Multiple payment options – Musician’s Friend accepts all types of credit cards and debit cards. You can also pay through PayPal or GooglePay.
  • Excellent customer service – Get support around the clock. The Musician’s Friend support team is ready to help you.

Sounds interesting right? Yes!!! Why don’t you promote Musician’s Friend on your website and make the most of it. Join Musician’s Friend affiliate program right now and make money. Affiliate members are earning 4% commission on every qualified transaction. The cookie duration is 14 days. Though the commission rate is small, promoting Musician’s Friend is worth it. Because the platform is offering a wide range of musical instruments at the cheapest price. Customers can buy without a second thought. This way, you can make more money. Affiliate members will be given exclusive coupons to promote on their website or social media. Exclusive coupons and deals are the best way to boost the conversion rate. 

Prime Loops

Are you a music producer? Looking for an online library that contains the best audio samples? Prime Loops is the one-stop destination for you. Frankly speaking, the collection at Prime Loops is pretty small. But, you can get top-rated and quality content.  At Prime Loops, musicians can find samples from a wide range of genres. You can hear the sample music before purchasing it.

Do you have a music or entertainment related website, blog or social media? Yes!!! Prime Loop is inviting you to join the Prime Loops affiliate program. Without wasting a second, get registered to the Prime Loops affiliate program. Affiliates can check their stats, sales, traffic and commission amount in real-time.

Prime Loops works similar to other music affiliate programs. Let’s have a look at it.

Joining and earning money through the Prime Loops affiliate program is easy. No hurdles!!! Get registered and drop out unique affiliate text links and custom banners on your site.  

When a user clicks and makes an order via the affiliate link, you will earn a commission. Sounds simple!!! Prime Loops is offering a 20% commission on every sale. The payments are transferred through PayPal wallet every 3 months. Keep a note, the pay-out value is Euro 100. The cookie duration is not disclosed. You can contact Prime Loop customer support and get information about it.

The commission rate is impressive. All the music influencers and artists can make good passive income through this affiliate program.

Apple iTunes

Is there anybody who is unaware of the brand name “Apple”? Of Course nobody. 

iTunes is the leading music library and media player introduced by Apple. Visit iTunes can manage your media collection under one roof. Also, you can subscribe to “Apple Music” and access millions of tunes, songs and a lot more. Simply put, iTunes is the perfect way to get entertained anytime from anywhere.

Apple users listen and download their favourite music, tv shows, podcasts and movies within a few simple clicks. The collection is massive, find your favourite music or tv shows without hassles. The massive collection is making the iTune one of the attractive destinations promote.

iTunes affiliate program is “Performance Partners Program”.  At this program, you can also promote Apple Music, Apple Books and Apple News+.

Whether you’re a music influencer or not, you can promote Apple iTunes and make money. Apply and get approved within one week. Most of the music influencers are using the Blink application on their mobile devices to generate unique affiliate text links and sharing with their audiences, customers and followers.

Apple iTunes is offering a 7% commission on every purchase. The cookie duration is 2 days. Since Apple iTunes is popular, earning money is easier. Send more traffic to Apple iTunes and receive payments 3 months after the successful purchase.

Apple iTunes could be one of the top music affiliate programs. The best way to earn side income is by joining the Apple iTunes affiliate program. If you’ve millions of followers on your blog or social media, you can get a good income. Create an attractive visual related to iTunes, get income on every conversion. When you use this affiliate program on the right path, this could be the best moneymaker.

Music Teacher’s Helper

Are you a music teacher? Worried about managing your music studio? Looking for help? If your answer is yes, look no further than Music Teacher’s Helper. All you need to teach, everything will be taken care of by Music Teacher’s Helper team.

In general, music teachers spend maximum time uploading the notes, handling their schedule, managing the cancellation process and other tedious tasks. All the hurdles can vanish away with Music Teacher Helper. Now, you can spend all your time teaching. Thus, you can save time and energy.

Music Teacher Helper is useful software for every music teacher. Why don’t you promote Music Teacher Helper on your website and make money? This could be a great idea if you own a music website or blog.

Join Music Teacher’s Helper affiliate program today. The platform is offering the best commission i.e 20% on every sale. The cookie length is not disclosed on their website. Once you become affiliated with Music Teacher’s Helper, their team will reach you and discuss everything from cookie length to mode of payment.

Music Teacher’s Helper is worth promoting. Because you can earn commission as long as your referred subscriber is repaying the fee every month. Keep a note, the monthly subscription may vary from one month to another. Also, commission may differ from the plan selected by the subscriber.

All the affiliate members can benefit through promotional materials, custom links, banners and more. Get access to these resources while promoting Music Teacher’s Helper and double your earnings. All the music influencers around the world can take advantage of this company as the platform is providing unique service, specifically catered to all the music teachers requirements.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a popular e-commerce destination that sells fashion, music, movies, electronics and more. Simply put, Amazon sells almost everything from all the niches.

How about earning money by recommending Amazon music products? This could be a great idea for all the music influencers and others as well. Amazon Associate is the popular and leading affiliate program worldwide.

The best part of Amazon Associates is they help affiliates in every possible way. Be it creating the content or monetizing the traffic. As there are millions of music products available on the website, affiliates can use link-building software to generate traffic and make money on every sale.

Signup – Join the Amazon Associate program right now. There are more than 900,0000 affiliate members earning income by promoting music and entertainment-related products on their website.

Recommend – It’s time to play your game. Share millions of music instruments or products with customers or audiences. The team Amazon offers customized linking software for bloggers and influencers.

Earn money – Start counting your money. Earn 10% commission on every qualified purchase through Amazon Associate programs. The commission may vary depending on the product category.

Bloggers, content creators or publishers can qualify for the Amazon Associate program. Make sure you’re running a qualifying website or application to become a member of Amazon Associate. Signup, recommend and earn money.

The music instruments price ranges from $5 to $1500, which means you can earn maximum commission on every purchase. Amazon Associates can be a safe bet for you, as the platform offers quality music instruments at the best price. Also, the return policy and warranty are another reason to increase conversions.


Want to buy high-quality music instruments at the lowest price? Visit Gear4music today. It is a popular music instrument retailer. Choose from a wide range of selections such as guitars, cellos, studio equipment, drums, pianos and more. Find everything – starter guitar to pro pianos. Pick the best instruments from the huge range of equipment. No matter whether you’re planning to buy a violin or guitar, get them at the cheapest price.

Currently, Gear4music is offering more than 50,000 music products from over 820 top manufacturers. The popular music instrumental brands are Casio, Roland, Gibson and more.

Sounds amazing, but what about the Gear4music affiliate program. Let’s have a look at it.

Get registered through multiple affiliate networks such as

  • Awin
  • Affiliate Future and
  • TradeDoubler

If you’re running a website or music blog, joining the Gear4music affiliate program is the best thing for you. As the platform is offering commission on every sale. Affiliates can earn commissions from 3.5% to 5% on every qualified sale. It is a decent commission for the influencers. The cookie duration is 30-days.

The average music instrument value is $250, therefore earning more income through the Gear4music affiliate program is easy.


Thomann is the popular and largest musical instruments destination online. Whether you’re looking to purchase guitar or sound equipment, Thomann is the one-stop solution for you. There are more than 10 million happy customers from 120 countries.

Thomann has a wide range of products from the categories including drums, guitars, keys, studio equipment, microphones, wind instruments, accessories and more.

Become the Thomann affiliate and earn a 5% commission on every sale. Did you know, 6,000,000+ music products are already sold by Thomann affiliates? Yes!!! Be one among them and make a good passive income.

The partner commission may range from one to another

  • Forum – 2%
  • Meta network – 2%
  • Website, blog or magazine – 2.5%
  • Influencer 4.5%

The cookie duration is 14 days. There are more than 80,000 musical instruments on Thomann. Create an attractive banner and promote it on your website or social media. Earn commission on every referred sale.

Wrapping up

Our team has spent time researching by analyzing several music brands, their features and offers and listed the best music affiliate programs. Whether you’re an influencer or music teacher, these music affiliate programs are worth it.

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