Best Mobile Apps For Trading Crypto

Is there anybody who doesn’t want to trade their crypto coins on the move? Of Course everyone like it.

Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more are changing the way of performing transactions. Most of the countries are accepting crypto coins as payment modes. A mobile application for trading all the crypto coins is an excellent way to dive into the crypto world. Most cryptocurrency mobile applications can help beginners to trade without hassles.

Let’s have a look at best mobile apps for trading crypto


Binance is the popular crypto trading exchange available in the market. With the rise and popularity, all the investors around the world are switching to Binance. It was introduced in 2017. Another reason to choose Binance is a completely functional mobile application for iOS and Android users.

There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, investors can choose according to their requirements. Binance is offering cross-platform trading clients for many, including desktop, Android, web-based trading and more.

Binance lending is an excellent feature of Binance. With this functionality, users can earn great interest in their crypto assets. Staking is another effective feature of Binance. The Binance Pay is one of the popular features that has been introduced in 2021, the feature works as the powerful payment gateway for users.


If you’re looking for a powerful crypto trading mobile app, look no further than WazirX. It is the best mobile application for buying, selling and storing cryptos. With a user-friendly interface, WazirX is the perfect app, especially for trading. Users can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies with UPI deposit support. You don’t need to be a software developer to use the WazirX trading application. Without any hassles, you can deposit or withdraw your funds through P2P, UPI and IMPS.

The advanced features of the WazirX app are “Trading View”, “Stop-Limit Orders”, and more. The application is available in Google Play Store and App Store. The platform is trusted by newbies and professional traders worldwide. On the other hand, WazirX is offering best-in-class security. With 2 factor authentication and an in-build app password, the trading app is offering additional security. Move the funds between WazirX and Binance for free. Sounds amazing! Trade like a boss with WraziX. 


Bitfinex is the world’s largest exchange while considering the volume of Bitcoin and USD pairs. With the trading app, users can easily trade crypto coins and deposit funds to Bitfinex. The popular crypto coins traded on Bitfinex are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin, Ripple, DASH and more. The attractive and top feature of the Bitfinex trading app is “Quick Liquidation”. Whether you’re planning to buy Litecoin or sell Bitcoin, Bitfinex got you covered. Also, the Bitfinex trading application is simple to configure.

Bitfinex is the home of cryptocurrency trading. Bitfinex margin funding is another excellent feature, liquidity providers can easily generate yield by offering funds to the traders who want to trade with complete leverage. The platform offers upto 10X leverage trading with access to the p2p funding market.

Bitfinex offers a customizable interface. It means users can organize their workspace as per their requirements. Compose layout, select themes and set up necessary updates and notifications. Bitfinex has partnered with market synergy and other experienced traders. The Bitfinex trading application adapts the complete set of functionalities of the Bitfinex platform for a great trading experience on the move.


It’s time to find your next crypto gem on a leading trading application – KuCoin. Did you know one out of four crypto investors is using KuCoin? Yes! Buy Bitcoin in a safe and secure environment. Get registered at KuCoin and claim an exciting welcome gift.

KuCoin is the top exchange destination in globalization deployment. With over 205 countries and 13 regional languages, Kucoin is helping millions of investors worldwide. The features of KuCoin is almost similar to Binance, it offers additional features. KuCoin is super fast and also they own a token call $KCS. Users can find popular tokens on KuCoin. They offer GAS for the users holding NEO, this is a unique feature available in few exchange apps. 


CEX is another popular mobile app as they offer to buy or sell cryptocurrency via credit or debit card. CEX trading application provides a completely functional mobile application for Android and iOS users. With a user-friendly interface, CEX is offering easier for new and experienced traders to sell or buy crypto coins.

CEX is the trusted Bitcoin and crypto exchange – sell, buy, earn and trade. Unlike Bitfinex, Binance and other apps, CEX has limited crypto coins which helps them to provide high-quality service. Currently, CEX supports top cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, etc. Users can easily deposit or withdraw their funds directly through mobile applications. The user interface is pretty impressive, users can trade on the move.

CEX is offering cheaper GBP deposits. It means a 50% discount for GBP deposits through UK-issued cards. The trading app will protect against hackers, DDoS attacks, cryptocurrency cold storage and more. Also, the mobile application provides competitive commissions, enjoy reasonable charges for high-volume trading.


Robinhood is a commission-free trading application. It was introduced in 2013. Robinhood is a one-stop destination for beginner and experienced traders. Robinhood app has a complete set of tools to help investors with complete confidence. Right from commission-free platform to award-winning user-interface design, investing in Robinhood is the affordable approach for all investors.

Managing your portfolio on the move with the Robinhood app. Security is the top-notch priority for Robinhood. The team uses cutting-edge safety measures to protect personal and transactional information. Also, investors can get their paycheck or send check with ease.

Investors can get more crypto coins for their funds. It’s no surprise, other trading platforms will charge upto 4% on buying or selling cryptos. But, Robinhood charges 0% on trading. Sounds fantastic! Let’s consider, if you buy $200 of crypto coin, you need to get $200 of crypto coin. If you’re a newbie, you can start small, you don’t need to purchase a complete crypto coin, you can even start with $1 as well.

Wrapping up

Cryptocurrency trading can sound troublesome task. Investors need to keep an eye on every time. With cryptocurrency applications, investors can easily trade without hassles. Within a few simple clicks, investors can buy Bitcoin or store their Dogecoin on the move. No laptop or desktop is required to start trading. Cryptocurrency exchange applications will help to get access to several cryptos in the market and allow you to trade with ease. 

Hope you’ve received useful information on the best mobile apps for trading your cryptocurrency. Choose the best application that meets your need and goal.

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