Best Investing Affiliate Programs

People work around the clock to earn money. They dream of having a 10-digit amount balance in their bank account. In order to fulfil their dream, they start investing their money. The term investment can be a happy term for many people as it has strong returns. If you don’t invest your money in something then you might be missing out on one of the great opportunities to increase your revenue. Keep a note, you may lose your hard-earned money while investing. No worries!!! Invest wisely and earn high returns.

The most popular investments are stocks, precious metals, bonds, vehicles, returns and more. These are the ways to grow your money in no time. You can easily earn money over time. Also, investments have a higher return value. It means the more money you invest, the more money you can make.

Over 70% of people think about investing during retirement age or when they’re getting close to retirement. But, when you start investing right from your college, you can maintain a better wealth. As there are hundreds of investment opportunities available for everyone. Whether you’re a college student or adult, here are the best investing affiliate programs for you. These programs are best suited for investment suggestion hubs or lifestyle websites or just a blog focused on marketing third party products or services.

Best investing affiliate programs

It’s no surprise that investment affiliate programs require large amounts of investment or transactions. On the other hand, promoting clients and popular investors to your followers or audience pays you handsome commissions. Following are the reputed affiliate programs in the investment niche


  • Commission rate – $200
  • Cookie length – 45 days

eToro is a popular investing and trading destination. Millions of people are trading with confidence on eToro. Whether you’re planning to invest in stocks, buy cryptocurrencies or trade, eToro is the perfect choice for you.

Invest in stocks today with zero percent commission. No need to worry about the broker fees, eToro doesn’t charge any commission while opening or closing positions. The investor needs to pay for FX charges on non-USD withdrawals and deposits. It’s time to open your account at eToro and invest in popular stocks from leading exchanges. The platform allows investors to create a portfolio without any management fees. 

Buying cryptocurrencies at eToro is simple and easy. The platform is providing an all-in-one crypto solution. you can buy all types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and more. No deposit fee is required. Choose your comfort deposit option, pay with PayPal or credit card.

eToro is a risk-free platform. Create an account and get $100,000 in your eToro virtual portfolio. Without any worries, you can try stocks, trade and more. No risk is involved. eToro is offering trading tools for its users. Use the tools and create an excellent investment portfolio. With the trading tools, you can perform market research, technical reports and more.

eToro is just stunning. Apart from earning money from stock and trading, you can make money by joining their affiliate partner. If you’re thinking of becoming an eToro affiliate partner, you’re on the right track. Join the eToro affiliate program now and earn money in no time. Their team is offering marketing tools, using the tools and generating passive income.

You can earn upto $200 for every qualified transaction. Did you know they’ve paid $50 million to their affiliate partners? Yes!!! Join right away and become one among them. The affiliate network is powered by Commission Junction. Affiliates can have complete access to tools, visuals, landing pages, banner ads, and more.

Ally Invest

  • Commission rate – Upto $50
  • Cookie length – 45 days

Are you a newbie to the investing world or an experienced trader? Ally Invest is the best place for you. The platform is providing better investment choices at low commission fees. There are two investment options to choose i.e A managed portfolio and self-directed trading.

Self-directed trading

Everything is free. There is no commission fee on the stocks listed under the U.S. Also, no need to pay a commission on trading. Ally Invest charges 50 cents per competitive contract. Here the investment choices are designed for do-it-yourself investors. Investors use research and promotional tools to provide assistance in every investment strategy. The investment choices are bonds, mutual funds, margin account, commission-free stocks and more.

Managed portfolio

If you’re new to investment, choosing a managed portfolio is the best option for you. Ally Invest experts will handle your portfolio according to your goals and risk tolerance. The experts will monitor and rebalance the portfolio and keep everything on the right track.

No need to worry about the advisory charges or annual fee on your portfolio. Also, 30% of the portfolio is monitored by Ally Invest professionals. Investors can start their investment from $100. Sounds amazing right!!! If you’ve any questions, contact the Ally Invest support team and get help via email, phone call or chat.

If you’re running a finance or investing blog, promoting Ally Invest will make your earnings double. Join the Ally Invest affiliate program, there are two ways to earn money. You can earn $25 when the user submits the query form. The next approach is you can earn $50 when a user creates a direct trading account.

Money Metals Exchange

  • Commission rate – $16
  • Cookie length – 30 days

Looking for a trusted gold or silver dealer, Money Metals Exchange is the one-stop destination for you. It’s easier to safeguard every asset without paying for a middleman. Money Metals Exchange provides an extensive range of products at the lowest price. It includes gold, silver, palladium and platinum. MME platform offers excellent service, fast delivery and educational content to its users.

If you’re running a jewellery or fashion website, promoting Money Metals Exchange will generate good passive income. Did you know, MME is the easiest affiliate program offered in the metal niche? Yes!!! Start earning money easily whenever you refer a user to Money Metals Exchange. The payments will be received within 30 days.

How do you earn money?

Get registered at the Money Metals Exchange affiliate program, you’ll receive a notification once your application gets approved. Now, you can access a wide range of tools, text links, banners, promotional material and more.

Whenever a user visits your website or blog, clicks on the Money Matel banner or link, they will redirect to MME from your website. You will receive $16 on every qualified purchase. The commission fee is fixed. For example, when a user purchases a $5000 platinum coin, you’ll get $16 as the commission. Join the affiliate program today, it just takes a couple of minutes to get started. That’s it, you will get complete access to the resources that are required to monetize your user’s demand for gold, silver and platinum metals.

Zacks Trade

  • Commission rate – $70
  • Cookie length – 7 days

If you’re an active trader, Zacks Trade is the innovative destination just for you. It is the best online broker that has a worldwide reach. Investors can trade on 90+ exchanges in more than 19 countries. Traders in 200+ countries are trading from one account.

There are multiple reasons to choose Zacks Trade, competitive commission charges, no maintenance fees and get access to efficient tools to make your trading the best. Also, Zacks Trade provides customer support around the clock.

Zacks Trade offers a low margin rate i.e 3.56%. Sometimes even cheaper according to your balance. The platform is offering effective trading tools for everyone. International opportunities are another reason to choose Zacks Trade. Investors in 200+ countries are trading on more than 91 exchanges internationally, at low commission prices.

Zacks Trade is the favourite destination for traders around the globe. The platform may sound a bit advanced, but their tools are for everyone – beginner to expert. Zacks Trade is offering mobile applications for both iOS and Android users. The experts at Zacks Trade do everything for you. The cost of trading the stock is $0.01 for every share. The minimum trade at Zacks Trade is $3.

Become a Zacks Trade affiliate partner and earn a commission whenever a new user creates an account. Put simply, you don’t earn for generating qualified leads. Affiliates receive $70 on every customer registration. All you need to create a banner or add affiliate links to your blog. The more audience or followers click on the banner or link, the more commission you can earn.


  • Commission rate – $20
  • Cookie length – 30 days

If you’re an active investor then you would have heard about GMRgold several times. It is the world-largest precious metal industry. They design all types of precious metals ranging from bars to coins. Customers can choose from a wide range of bullion products. People buy gold and other precious metals as long-term security. GMRgold is the best place to buy gold, silver, palladium and platinum products at the cheapest price.

GMRgold provides suggestions to their users or customers on long-term financial safety and security with gold and other metals investments. A monthly subscription box is a top-selling item at GMRgold, the box consists of gold and silver coins depending on the level of the package.

Promote the precious metal investment firm on your website, blog and social media to earn a commission. Join the GMRgold affiliate program today. ShareASale is responsible for handling and tracking every sale and click. Affiliates have access to their marketing tools, use them and generate more clicks and earn maximum commission. If you’ve any questions, you can contact the dedicated affiliate manager at GMRgold platform, they assist with the right information, tools and custom creative solutions.

There are unlimited reasons to promote GMRgold for your users or followers. The key reasons can be monthly subscription box, cheapest metal price and expert advice on investment. On the other hand, the investment platform is offering weekly blogs and additional information about investing in gold, silver and platinum metals. Also, articles on the market fluctuations. Affiliates can make great use of this information during promotional activities.

Bitcoin IRA

  • Commission rate – 3%
  • Cookie length – 30 days

Bitcoin IRA is the largest cryptocurrency IRA destination used by millions of clients around the world. Investing in cryptocurrency with the IRA is the best investment. Buying and selling cryptos such as bitcoin, ethereal and other coins is easy at Bitcoin IRA. Create an account within 3 minutes and begin your journey. The platform is the best way to invest.

Bitcoin IRA website will enable clients to self-trade cryptocurrencies anywhere at any time. It’s easier to take action when it’s the right time. The reason to invest with an IRA is tax-free. The platform will maximize the retirement growth in the tax-free IRA. You can easily access the dashboard and track the reports, portfolio performance, educational materials, videos and more.

Enjoy world-class security at Bitcoin IRA. Every digital asset is securely stored with BitGo. BitGo is the best processor of cryptocurrency transactions. This platform is processing more than 20% of the transactions worldwide. Over 15 billion every month are transferred. You can earn upto a 6% interest rate in the cryptocurrency IRA. 

Want to earn money with Bitcoin IRA? You’re on the right track. Join the Bitcoin IRA affiliate program today. There is no limit on earning potentials,  earn as much as you can. Bitcoin IRA affiliate program is powered by Commission Junction. They provide the best tools and resources for affiliates to maximize their earning potential. The minimum payout commission for affiliates is $100. There are several benefits for Bitcoin IRA affiliates

Free to join – You don’t need to pay to become a Bitcoin IRA, create an account within a few minutes. Get approved right away and start earning.

Better commission – Affiliates can earn upto $75 for every referral. Also, you can enjoy bonuses and exclusive payouts.

Creative – There is a wide range of creatives available to build excellent campaigns. Creatives are ranking from landing pages to deep affiliate links.

Cookie length – The cookie duration is 30 days. Get paid in a 30 day referral period as well.

Dedicated support – Have any queries? Yes!!! A dedicated customer support team is available round the clock to help you. 


  • Commission rate – 20% to 30%
  • Cookie length – 30 days

Planning for a small business loan? Yes!!! Check the Bitbond website right now. Bitbond is a popular digital asset and tokenization technology platform. Bitbond is helping investors to get connected with millions of businesses that require instant financial support. The platform practices the concept of Peer-to-peer business loans. The only difference is, everything is done via Bitcoin. Whether you’re an American resident or a Canadian citizen, you can get a loan or funds for the business. Another advantage of choosing Bitbond is that your funds are available right after your loan gets approved.

If you’re running an investment blog or business idea blog, promoting Bitbond is the best way to earn passive income. Join the Bitbond affiliate network and earn an excellent commission. You can earn commissions for introducing lenders and borrowers to the Bitbond website. But, the commission rate may vary for lender and borrower.

For instance, if you send a borrower to the Bitbond platform, you will earn a 20% commission. When you send a lender, then you will earn a 30% commission.


  • Commission rate – $30
  • Cookie length –  45 days

Real estate investment has been made simple and easy with PeerStreet. You can invest money in the form of loans that are made to borrowers, as these borrowers start paying back, you earn money. The process is pretty simple, borrowers pay interest money every month on their real estate loan. You receive a portion of the share from those interest money as they receive.

If you watched the movie “Flipping Vegas”, then you definitely understand the urge to invest in real estate. It’s an open fact that remodelling the houses and flipping them is a profitable business. For instance, you can earn $10,000 in profit just by flipping the homes. But, this can be a complicated task to handle everything with a single hand. But don’t worry, the PeerStreet team will take care of all your investment goals in real estate. You can even create a portfolio with just $1,000 dollars. You can expect 6 to 9% returns every year.

PeerStreet is offering an affiliate program to help its customers grow. Become a PeerStreet affiliate member and get an opportunity to earn a maximum of $30 per lead you send to their website. This sounds like a “Once-off” commission. The more leads you send, the more commission you earn. There is no limit, you can earn $30 to $30,000 every month.

Looking for the best trading tips? Yes!!! It’s time to have a look at the RangingBull platform. It is the best learning platform for newbies and professional traders. Simply put, the RagingBull is the best place to improve trading skills. It is the leading stock-training destination led by an expert team of self-made stock and trading millionaires. Everyone in the team provides expertise, suggestions, tips and strategies to the traders through membership.


  • Commission rate – 50%
  • Cookie length – 60 days

RagingBull is a leading stock-trading training organization led by a group of a team of audacious trading millionaires. Every trainer is offering their expertise to millions of traders on RagingBull. The expertise is provided for the traders who signup for their membership service. The team provide training sessions for every trader individually. With the detailed training, traders can understand or have a clear idea of what they’re doing. Also, RagingBull is also presenting 4-week long training sessions and live trading to make good money in a short period.

Keep a note, the results may differ from one person to another. Earning money through trading stocks can definitely take time and hard work. Be cautious, there might be risks involved while investing in stocks. Following tricks and strategies while investing in stock can double your earnings. Register to “RagingBull Elite Club” and get expert advice and live training concourses or sessions from top trainers. RagingBull doesn’t display subscription charges, you need to send an email and enquire. Discuss the price and everything with the RagingBull customer support executive. Even without any subscription, you can learn stock trading tips and other information. Visit the RagingBull website and attend free training sessions and learn ideas and strategies.

Since the platform is offering free and paid training sessions, millions of people are visiting the RagingBull platform and accessing materials and attending the training session. If you’re running an information platform, promoting RagingBull will earn passive income.

RagingBull affiliate program is powered by its own software. One of the top affiliate members had earned $82,000. Sounds amazing right!!! Become an affiliate member and get access to a complete set of tools, information and more. Get started by creating attractive ads and promoting in a better way to double your earning.

There are several reasons why affiliates join RagingBull. It includes stock market latest information, education, high commission rate and more. Affiliates are earning 50% as the commission rate on every referred client.


  • Commission rate – $100
  • Cookie length – 30 days

Want to earn money through trading? Look no further than SpeedTrader. For the past two decades, SpeedTrader has offered immense support to traders at a low cost. The platform has specialized in a trading niche, it is offering excellent trading assistance at the cheapest price. There are several reasons to choose SpeedTrader. Let’s discuss a few of them extensive shortlist, cost-effective trading, best platform and fast execution.

SpeedTrader is designed according to traders goals. If you’re a trader at SpeedTrader, you get complete control on market-leading technology, 24×7 customer support and more. Traders use state-of-the-art tools and find new routes to earn more money. SpeedTrader offers a flexible payment structure that meets your requirements. In general, choose per-share or per-trade according to your choice, the platform is offering the best commission rate to every trader.

The commission rate for every trade is $2.49 and for every share is $0.002. Join the SpeedTrader affiliate program today and receive a commission for the account referral. Get access to a user-friendly dashboard, create affiliate links, manage your ad campaigns and track earning from your dashboard. Earn $100 as commission on every referral.

SpeedTrader affiliate program work in an easy and simple way. Signup to SpeedTrader affiliate program within a few minutes. A unique affiliate link will be given by the SpeedTrader team, use these links while promoting SpeedTrader on your website, blog or social media. Want to double your earnings? Yes!!! SpeedTrader team is here to help you. Their team will provide amazing custom banners, visuals, landing pages, links and more. SpeedTrader will pay you $100 for every referral.

There are several reasons why you need to promote your SpeedTrader. It includes the cheapest trades for stocks, options and more. Here at SpeedTraders, traders have the opportunity to execute fast.

Wrapping up

Hope the above-mentioned investing affiliate programs are helpful to save maximum money. These investment affiliate programs are involved with small and large transactions. Referring more clients to these investing websites will pay you good commissions. Choose the investing affiliate program according to your niche. The more clients you refer the more commission you earn.

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