Best hotel affiliate programs

Does your level of boredom touch the sky? Yes!!! Feel relaxed and refreshed at your favourite vacation spot. Whether you’re a student or homemaker, vacation is important for you. During vacation, families spend time with each other and strengthen their relationships. Also, they can get away from their daily routine. Few people visit their favourite place to improve their health.

Travel freaks always plan everything in advance, whether it is flight ticket booking or hotel stays. There are hundreds of travel platforms available online. This platform provides you with complete information on bookings, baggage and other required information that you need during your travel. Travellers can search and book hotels online. No need to pay in advance, you can pay during check-out. Book the hotel room in advance and find the best room at pocket-friendly prices. Booking hotels and cancelling are simple at online hotel platforms. Zero cancellation fee is encouraged at online hotel booking.

The popular hotel booking platforms are Expedia,, Marriott,, Accor Hotels and more. Good news for all the travel freaks, apart from booking hotels at competitive rates, you can make money by promoting the travel platforms. Yes, you’ve heard it right. All you need to do is become an affiliate partner with top-rated hotels. Promoting recognized brands will build trust and confidence among your followers or audience.

Without any further delay, let’s discuss the best hotel affiliate programs


Is there anybody who’s unaware of the brand name “Expedia”? Of Course nobody. Expedia is the leading travel destination in Asia. The platform is offering a wide range of selection of travel services to travellers. Book travel activities within a single click at Expedia. Travel services are stays, flights, cars, packages, holiday activities and more. Travellers can easily find the best travel service according to their requirements and budget. Thousands of hotels have partnered with Expedia, find the best stay on Expedia.

If you’re running a travel blog, promoting Expedia is an excellent way to make money. Become an Expedia affiliate partner and grow in no time.

There are several reasons to become Expedia affiliate partners. Let’s discuss few

Earn high commission – Promote Expedia on your blog, website or social media platforms and earn a commission whenever your follower or audience books their stay at Expedia. Earn commission between 2% to 6%, the commission rate may vary from one hotel to another. The cookie duration is one week. Experts at Expedia will help you grow by optimizing your landing pages and content. They also provide travel insights, customer support and customizable tools.

Get access to inventory – Did you know, Expedia is offering travel services for more than 200 countries? Yes!!! Get access to a massive inventory

  • Over 175 car rentals
  • 1 million hotels
  • 35000+ unique activities
  • More than 500 airlines

Powerful tools – Join an Expedia affiliate program and get access to their central hub. The central hub has customizable tools, resources and other materials to drive more conversions. Use front-end widgets, deep tracking links and more. Also, the Expedia team will help you to configure the tools according to your audience and customers. is the popular destination of hotel accommodation around the globe, offering the best booking service at competitive prices. Travellers can choose from a massive range of accommodation and other services. At, travels can check the price, availability and amenities of the hotel with a single click.

Travellers can book hotels on the website and by phone call. There are 800,000+ hotels from 19k locations listed on Similar to other hotel booking platforms, has introduced a loyalty program. Travellers can get discounts on most of the hotels. For example, travellers can book a hotel room for 10 days and claim discounts on the total transactions. 

Travellers can easily search, compare prices, check location, amenities and reviews in real-time. The hotel accommodation platform offers travellers the best value for hotel booking at a guaranteed price.

If you’re searching for the best hotel affiliate program with a high commission rate, you need to have a look at the affiliate program. They’ve partnered with millions of hotels from thousands of destinations around the world, making the travel agency one of the largest in its niche. The wide range of selection of hotels that are combined with the maximum booking value of $300 is making the affiliate program unique and best to promote. 

With the best commission rate and cookie period, affiliates are earning amazing commissions for every booking made by the referred customers. Get registered as an affiliate partner and complete the implementation procedure. That’s it, you can start making money as a affiliate.

It’s no surprise that promoting on your website or blog can be easier. As the platform is offering excellent tools, visuals, promotional material, continuous customer support to help you every step of the way for generating more conversions. The commission may vary depending on the hotel booking value. Affiliates will receive the payment once the check-out period is over. The cookie duration is 30 days.


Travel with confidence and peace of mind. Marriott is the leading hotel chain around the world. Travellers can choose from 7000+ hotel rooms across 131 countries. Book your hotel stay within a few simple clicks. Marriott presents with the best price guarantee, easy cancellation and commitment to clean.

No matter where you’re planning to go and what you’ve planned to do, Marriott got you covered with an unmatched range of hotel services and experiences for all travellers.

Marriott is presenting an affiliate program. Apart from booking a hotel, travellers can earn money by joining the affiliate program. Become a Marriott affiliate partner and earn commissions on every referral. Get paid on hotel stay completed by your audience or customers at Marriott. Signup today and get complete access to banners, custom links, visuals, landing pages and more.

Affiliates can earn in 2 different ways including hotel stays and vacation packages.

  • Earn good commissions for every qualified stay you refer via affiliate links. You only earn commissions on the stay that’s completed by the traveller.
  • Vacation packages are another way to earn money. These drive better commissions. Drive your audience or customers to VacationsByMarriott and earn money on every referred conversion.

There are several advantages of joining the Marriott affiliate program. Let’s have a look at the program benefit

  • Cookie duration is 7-days
  • Deep links are available to all the hotels
  • Attractive coupon codes and discounts
  • Affiliate newsletter
  • Cheapest price on every hotel booking
  • Dedicated customer support to help affiliates drive more conversions

Affiliates can earn on every hotel stay and vacation package that is generated by unique affiliate links. You can promote Marriott on blogs or social media, the choice is yours. The commission amount is paid according to the net amount. was introduced in 1996. The travel agency has grown from a start-up to a leading travel agency. The ultimate goal of is to make it easier for every traveller to experience the globe. connects millions of travellers to memorable experiences, incredible homestays and more. Currently, the platform is available in more than 43 languages. There are 28 million+ accommodations listed, it includes 6.2 million incredible homestays, apartments, etc. No matter whether you’re planning to book a homestay or apartment during vacation, will make it simple and easy with flexible customer support.

If you want to join a hotel affiliate program, look no further than It is one of the highest-paid affiliate networks in the hotel industry. The requirement to join an affiliate program is to run a website, blog or social media with similar or relevant content. Relevant content doesn’t mean you need to run or own a travel website, as long as your content is relevant to hotel, travel and activities to do, you’re eligible for affiliate membership. 

Connect your website to the leading hotel booking destination, earn a good commission on every booking referred to you. The team at constantly innovates and improves their services to provide a seamless experience for the customers.

There are several reasons to become a affiliate partner

Huge earnings – Affiliates can earn huge commissions on every booking that is generated from their website or blog. The more you send customers, the more you can earn a commission.

Wide range of accommodation – More than 2,563,380 accommodations are listed on Customers can choose from the largest selection with ease.

Dedicated customer support team – offers a dedicated customer executive team round the clock. Their team assists through every step and solves all your problems.

The affiliate program is the perfect place to get started. Since there are thousands of hotels and accommodations listed on its platform, generating traffic from your website will be easier. Affiliates are earning 4% on every referred hotel booking. On average, you can earn $257 every month. 


Agoda is a one-stop destination for all travel needs. Travellers from all over the world are booking hotels, flights and activities within a few simple clicks. Renting a home on Agoda is one of the attractive features. 

Agoda is offering an affiliate program for all the travellers out there. Earn 5% to 10% commission on every booking. What are you waiting for? Signup right away and earn commission in an easy way. Find your commission within a few simple clicks, all you need to enter a number of completed bookings and booking value. 

There are multiple reasons to become an Agoda affiliate partner. There are over 9 hundred thousand properties listed on the Agoda platform. Agoda is offering the world’s leading affiliate program. Become an Agoda affiliate partner and get access to excellent tools, the cheapest booking price and other resources. These help affiliates convert traffic into qualified leads. Ultimately, you can earn a better commission on every hotel booking you make.

According to affiliates, you can get access to millions of properties you can promote on your website. The only requirement to become an affiliate is you need to run a website i.e relevant. If you don’t have a website, get a website right away and promote Agoda to make money.

Becoming an Agoda affiliate partner is simple and easy. All you have to do is fill in your details and required information on Agoda official website. Once your application gets accepted, you’re now eligible to access promotional tools and other related material that help you to generate better traffic and sales. Since the platform is available in 38 languages, you can promote a wide range of local audiences. The more audience you promote, the more you can convert. You don’t need to scratch your head to calculate the percentage of commission earned on every booking. The Agoda team will do it for you. Track your performance on your dashboard and the Agoda customer team will help you when you’re in the middle of the problem.

As Agoda is offering the highest commission rate i.e 5% – 10%, this is the feature that is making this affiliate program the best hotel affiliate program in its niche.


What is the best place to book a hotel at low prices? It’s none other than HotelsCombined. Travellers can compare and book their stay at the cheapest price. Within a single click, travellers can compare all the popular travel websites (Expedia,, and more) and find the hotel deal. HotelsCombined is awarded as the best comparison website around the world.

Whether you’re planning to book a hotel or resort, HotelsCombined is the one-stop destination to compare. There are more than 2 million accommodations from 220 countries listed on HotelsCombined. Discover excellent deals and discounts on your stay. The platform offers the best price guarantee. Travellers can check images, amenities, descriptions and customer reviews before booking.

The comparison site is also offering an affiliate program to its users. The affiliate program is pretty different from other affiliate programs in the hotel industry. Keeping it simple, the HotelsCombined affiliate program works on the “CPC” model. CPC stands for cost per click. Create a banner or add an affiliate link on your website, whenever your audience or follower clicks on the banner, they’ll redirect to the HotelsCombined official website. That’s all, you’ll earn a commission on it. No matter whether the generated traffic is converted to lead or not, you will earn a commission for every visitor you drive.

Be cautious, there is a pitfall for the HotelsCombined affiliate program. The commission rate for one hotel varies from another hotel. The payment will depend on the hotel booking value.

However, joining the HotelsCombined affiliate program and generating leads is easy.

Integrate – Fill in your details and create a HotelsCombined affiliate account. Integrate HotelsCombined visuals, banners or custom links on your website or blog. If you’ve any queries, the HotelsCombined customer service team is ready to help you through every process.

Start earning – It’s time to make money through the HotelsCombined affiliate program. Once your account is live, you can get an upto 50% commission on every click. You can earn commission on flights, cars, holiday packages, activities, accommodation and more.

Track and grow – Keep an eye on every move. Monitor overall performance, record your earnings from a user-friendly dashboard. Access the information and scale your earnings.

BlueBay Hotels

BlueBay Hotels is the leading and international hotel chain of over 62 hotels from 16 countries. Travellers can find and book high-quality hotel rooms and services without hassles.

Customers and affiliates are the top priority of BlueBay Hotels. Their accommodations are hygiene, secure and follow all the safety measures. Simply put, they maintain good standards to ensure protection. These hotels are perfect for the one who needs to get away from their routine life.

They’ve hotels across the globe that range from Spain to UAE. They offer hotels for everyone, be it friends or couples, their team will accommodate the best suite room for a better experience.

Now let’s have a look at BlueBay Hotels affiliate program.

As mentioned earlier, BlueBay Hotels are offering 62 properties in 16 destinations. These hotels are ranging from 3-star to 5-star hotels. The best part of BlueBay Hotels is, they provide immense service to their customers. The services include health, beauty, wellness, restaurant and more. Affiliates can promote accordingly, let’s consider if you’re running a beauty blog, you can create beauty-related content or banners and promote BlueBay Hotels to your audience.

When your audience or followers click on your content or banner, they will redirect to BlueBay Hotels official site. If your generated lead gets converted, you will earn a good commission.

There are unlimited reasons to become a BlueBay Hotels affiliate partner, let’s discuss few

  • BlueBay Hotels pay the highest commission. For example, when a customer booking charge is $1000, you will earn a 6% commission.
  • The cookie duration is 30-days.
  • Exclusive coupon codes are available
  • Flexible customer support is here to assist you all day and night.

Avani Hotels

Are you planning to book modern accommodation? Looking for the cheapest price? Avani Hotels & Resorts is the best option for you. Avani Hotels is working harder to stand out from the crowd. As many hotels just concentrate on style over quality service, Avani Hotels is offering world-class service at pocket-friendly prices. So, travellers will enjoy the stay and never feel bored.

It’s time for a happy weekend, enjoy at your favourite destination at an affordable price. Check out the promotional offers and book a safe stay. Book Avani Hotels from popular destinations. It includes Australia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia and more. Book with confidence, as there are positive reviews given by thousands of customers. Their team will make the customer feel valued.

So, what about the Avani Hotel affiliate program?

Affiliates are earning excellent commission on Avani Hotel. They are earning a 5% commission on every stay. Let’s consider, for every 100 leads, you can earn $53 as commission. The cookie duration is 30 days.

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is a popular international brand in the hotel industry. Choice Hotels was founded in 1941. Currently, there are more than 6,300 hotels from 35+ countries. Choosing the perfect room from 570,000 hotel rooms is easier for every traveller.

Choice Hotels are for everyone. In general, they’ve hotel rooms for all budgets. No matter whether you’re looking for the cheapest hotel for vacation or a luxury room, Choice Hotels is the answer for you.

Booking a hotel for every occasion is easier at Choice Hotels. Book a hotel room during your international business trip or book accommodation during your vacation is simple and easy. Travellers don’t need to spend more time booking the hotel room or cancelling it. Everything is simple at Choice Hotels. The best part of Choice Hotels is covid volunteers can book the hotel at special rates. Due to covid, Choice Hotels are offering hygiene rooms and following social distancing.

If you’re a travel freak and running a travel blog or hotel comparison website, promoting Choice Hotels might be the best way to earn money. Sounds amazing right? Yes!!! Since there are hundreds of hotels to choose from popular destinations, travellers will surely opt for Choice Hotels. On the other hand, Choice Hotels offers their stay and accommodation at the cheapest price. This will be the main reason to promote Choice Hotels on your website, blog or social media.

Affiliates are earning huge money through Choice Hotels. Don’t miss a chance to earn passive income, become Choice Hotels affiliate partner and make easy money. No need to pay to become Choice Hotels affiliate partner, joining the program is free.

Keep a note, you can earn decent money through Choice Hotels, as long as you’re promoting with the right audience. Get a 5% commission on every qualified sale. The cookie duration is one week.  

Reasons to join Choice Hotels affiliate program 

  • Free to join 
  • Earn commission on every qualified sale.
  • Over 7000 properties are listed on Choice Hotels.
  • More than 40 million travellers enjoyed their stay at Choice Hotels.
  • Book hotel rooms at the lowest price guarantee. When a traveller finds a low price online, they will get a $50 gift card.
  • Choice Hotels team helps affiliates by providing banners, custom links and visuals. Affiliates can double their earnings.
  • The minimum commission affiliates can earn is 5%. There is no limit on sending customers to Choice Hotels. Send more customers to the site and earn more money.

Accor Hotels

Accor Hotels is a popular brand in the hospitality industry. The brand is offering unique and excellent experiences in over 5100 hotels from 110 countries. There are more than 22 brands listed on behalf of Accor. Brands include Novotel, IBIS, Mercure and more.

Apart from offering cheaper accommodations, Accor is helping its customers in another way to earn money. It’s none other than becoming an affiliate partner. Affiliates are earning money by promoting Accor 22 brands on their website or blog.

Reasons to join Accor affiliate program

  • No fee on joining the Accor affiliate program.
  • Earn upto 10% commission on every qualified sale. This is the primary reason to become an Accor affiliate partner.
  • Earn more than euro 13 on qualified sales. The average order value is euro 177.
  • Book hotel rooms from 42000 hotels from 95 countries. Hotel rooms are ranging from luxury to economy.

The Accor team is offering an attractive remuneration for every affiliate.

  • Luxury – 3%
  • Upscale – 8% – 10%
  • Economy – 3% – 5%
  • Budget – 1% – 2%
  • Mid scale – 6% – 8%

Commissions vary from one hotel to another. Also, affiliates can receive attractive bonuses and mind-blowing incentives schemes. Stop wasting your time, join the Accor affiliate program right away.

The Accor team is offering tools to double your commission. The tools include custom banners, text links, widgets, white-label, API access and more. 

Become an Accor affiliate partner in 4 simple steps

Join – Fill in your details and complete the process.

Request – Once you’ve shared your details, your request will be processed to the Accor team. They complete the background verification process and accept your request. Terms and conditions are applied to get your request accepted by the Accor team.

Feature – the real game begins here. Promote Accor Hotels wherever possible. Use visuals and custom links while promoting Accor hotels.

Earn – Earn commission on every referral.

Sirenis Hotels

It’s no surprise that Sirenis Hotels is less popular than other listed brands. Few people have never heard about Sirenis Hotels. That’s absolutely true. Sirenis Hotels was founded in 1970.

Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is offering a range of hotels at the cheapest price. The popular destinations are Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and more.

Whether you’re planning to book your stay in Mexico or Colombia, Sirenis Hotels is offering the best price. Travellers can manage their booking, enjoy flexible prices and huge discounts. Many travellers are becoming a part of the Sirenis loyalty programme. Get registered at Sirenis friends and earn rewards. The loyalty program is free, make sure you’re 18+ years old. Sirenis members can get 5% cashback on every booking. Also, 15% cashback on future booking stays. Book more than 700 hotels on Sirenis Hotels.

Want to earn passive income? Promoting Sirenis Hotels on your website, social media or blog can be the answer for you. You might be wondering why I should promote unpopular hotels rather than popular hotels? Because there are family-run corporations that have to concentrate on their customer satisfaction. Popular hotels don’t focus on customer satisfaction.

Sirenis Hotels offers quality hotel stay with attractive amenities. The team offers services ranging from breakfast to dinner. Travellers can spend their holiday at activity or entertainment programmes run by Sirenis hotels. People mostly have fun at water parks such as Aquagames and Punta Cana. Book your holiday stay at Sirenis Hotels and have a wonderful vacation.

Travellers are saving money on their hotel booking and earning money at Sirenis Hotels. But how? The answer is the Sirenis Hotels affiliate program. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Travellers from all over the world are joining the Sirenis Hotels affiliate program to earn money.

There are unlimited reasons to become a member of Sirenis Hotels. Their rooms are specially designed for families, corporate, events and more. Affiliates can earn more than 6% on every booking. The average booking value is 1.400 Euros. Travellers can access the Sirenis Hotels from various languages such as English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and more.

Be conscious while promoting Sirenis Hotels on your website or blog. There are a few terms and conditions for promoting the hotel. Let’s discuss now,

Affiliates should not run the ad campaigns in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain and Mexico. That’s it, affiliates can promote the hotel in other areas or countries.

No bidding on brand names is encouraged on Google. Affiliates can bid on Sirenis Hotels for Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Big no to SEM ad campaigns in Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain.

Affiliates earn money only when the customer completes their holiday stay at Sirenis Hotels.

Usage of pop up is restricted. Affiliates should not use the pop-up notifications. Also, cookies are strictly prohibited in the customer web browser.

No affiliate should purchase or create Sirenis Hotel’s subdomain. This may mislead the customers to believe that it is an official Sirenis Hotels.

InterContinental Hotel Group

IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group) is a giant organization. It means there are more than 6000 hotels and resorts. Currently, over 674,000 hotel rooms are available around the world. Every year 150 million travellers are enjoying their stay at the cheapest price.

IHG holds leading hotel brands worldwide. The popular brands are Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Avid, Candlewood Suites and more. Every traveller had a pleasant experience at IHG hotel rooms. Whether you’re planning to book an economy or luxury hotel room, InterContinental Hotel Group has got you covered. Book a hotel room according to your requirements and budget.

Primarily, IHG has a hotel for all the occasions, whether you’re planning to book a stay on vacation or business meeting, they got you covered.

Good news for IHG customers. Intercontinental hotel group is offering an affiliate program. Join PartnerConnect and earn money just by referring to an IHG hotel stay from your blog, website or social media.

Share unique affiliate links on your platform, whenever a visitor books a hotel via a customized link, IHG will pay a small amount of commission. Here the commission rate depends on the total booking value. Keep a note, visitors need to complete their stay at IHG.

Join – Fill in your details at PartnerConnect. IHG team will connect you when your website or blog is related to the hotel or travel industry. Once your request gets accepted, you can start promoting IHG on your website, blog, social media and contacts. Great news for all the affiliates, there are 11 brands on IHG. Hence, affiliates can have endless earning opportunities.

Build – IHG is a popular hotel chain. Affiliates can build a positive relationship with IHG by joining an affiliate program.

Earn – It’s no surprise IHG is a leading affiliate program that has several benefits. Affiliates can earn the highest commission on every referred hotel booking.

Grow – IHG team offers external support to help you grow. Use tips, resources, tools and ideas while promoting IHG. The customer support team always extends their hand to help you grow. Hurray!!! Start counting money.

The key reasons to join the IHG affiliate program are

  • The IHG affiliate program is award-winning.
  • Affiliates can earn 3% as commission on every qualified sale.
  • Cookie duration is 7 days.
  • IHG customer support provides their service 24×7.

Wrapping up

Hope you have the best and trustworthy hotel affiliate programs that work for you. Keep a note, not all affiliate programs terms are created the same. Investigate deeply before you promote on your website, blog or contacts. Join and earn a good commission in no time.

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