Best Decentralized Exchanges to Trade Now

Let’s keep things simple and straightforward!

A decentralized exchange is popularly called a cryptocurrency exchange that operated in the decentralized approach – No central authority is involved.

Following are best-decentralized exchanges to trade now


Buying and selling your digital assets on the Binance is simple. The platform is trusted by millions of users around the world. Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of everyday trading $1.7 trillion volume of digital assets. Binance decentralized exchange was introduced in 2017. 

Binance supports 150+ cryptocurrencies, it includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tezos and more. Upload the document and get KYC processed without any hassles. Security is the top-notch priority for the Binance while safeguarding the funds. Investors are earning great interest in their cryptocurrencies with the Binance Saving and Staking.

The decentralized exchange is compatible with several devices – AppStore, Google Play, macOS, Windows, Linux and more. Investors can start trading without any worries.


Is there anybody who has never heard of the brand name  Kraken? Nobody

Kraken is more than a trading platform. Kraken is the popular US-based crypto exchange and bank, introduced in 2011. The exchange feature offers a trade between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Also, Kraken provides price details to the Bloomberg Terminal.

Kraken supports 50+ cryptocurrencies that range from Bitcoin and ADA. Get started with just $10 on Kraken. The Kraken – decentralized exchange is the best choice for new and professional investors. Make simple deposits, withdrawals and more. Also, investors can easily measure their performance and keep everything conveniently. Kraken fee starts from 0.9% onwards. Fees will be charged according to trading.


Coinbase is a secured platform for investors around the world. Whether you’re planning to buy a Bitcoin or store Litecoin, Coinbase is the right choice for you. The decentralized exchange is trusted by millions of users. Simply put, Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin decentralized exchange worldwide.

Coinbase is safe for all users. Keep a note, Coinbase or any online exchange doesn’t assure 100% safety, but Coinbase is the secured web wallet, 98% of digital assets are held on offline cold storage. Hence, no hacker or unauthorized user can access your cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has several attractive features that are making it the perfect spot to start trading. Recurring buy is an excellent feature, invest in digital assets by scheduling purchases – day, week or month. Investors can protect themselves through insurance, Coinbase is providing FDIC insurance, upto $250,000 will be covered.


Trade with great confidence and convenience on eToro. The platform is surviving as the world’s leading trading destination. eToro is trusted by millions of investors worldwide. Whether you’re planning to invest in stocks or CFD trading, eToro is the right place for you. Invest in the stocks with zero per cent commission. Also, you can buy stock in no time. Buying, selling and storing Bitcoins is easier than ever.

One of the key advantages of eToro is 0% commission and buying fractional shares is simple. Start trading in popular stocks, ETFs and a lot more. Take advantage of CopyTrader and connect with worldwide traders and get to know about trading strategies. The trading platform is available for more than 140 countries. eToro is regulated by both CySec and FCA. Also, all the cryptos and funds are secured by popular security protocols. On the other hand, eToro will never share your sensitive information with third-party resources. 


Gemini is the world-leading regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Simple to secure and trade the coins. Buy, sell and store 40+ cryptocurrencies. The impressive feature of Gemini Credit Card, investors can get upto 3% on their online purchases. There are no annual charges. Hardware security keys are attractive features on Gemini. It’s time to secure an account with the powerful hardware security keys through WebAuthn. 

Millions of people trust Gemini decentralized exchange, as it offers insurance coverage. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The cryptocurrencies stored on Gemini are insured with top insurance service providers. Whether you’re planning to buy Bitcoin or store all your cryptos, maximize trading techniques with in-build tools. Gemini exchange has streamlined the trading view with an attractive interface. Manage all your assets in a secure way.

Gemini exchange is making things simple, investors can easily research the cryptocurrency market and start trading. Building a powerful portfolio for hard-earned money on Gemini. If you’ve any queries, the Gemini customer support team will guide you.

Pancake Swap

Pancake Swap is another popular decentralized exchange for token swapping on the Binance smart chain.

Buy, sell or store your crypto coins within a few minutes on Pancake Swap. Currently, Pancake Swap is used by millions of investors and trusted by billions of investors worldwide. As of now, investors are entrusted Pancake Swap with more than $9.9 billion in funds. This could be a good reason to choose Pancake Swap.

Investors can trade almost anything without registrations. All you need to do is connect your wallet and trade the token. Earn passive income by staking the tokens on the Pancake swap. 

Pancake Swap decentralized exchange uses the “AMMI – Automated Market Maker” model, investors can easily trade against the liquidity pool. These pools are often filled with the investor’s money or funds. Users or investors will deposit into the liquidity pool and earn liquidity provider tokens. The Liquidity provider tokens are also called FLIP coins.  


Thorswap is the world’s largest multi-chain decentralized exchange powered by “THORChain”. The platform will never wrap the user’s assets, it denotes how to move the assets in response to the investor’s actions. Thorchain will observe the investor’s incoming deposits to the wallet, apply the business logic and process the transaction.

This powerful tool will allow all the nodes from a single interface. The total liquidity available on Thorswap is $160.01 million. Thorswap is available for mobile and desktop users. Thorswap is the right place for experienced and beginners.

In a nutshell

A decentralized exchange is popularly called “DEX”. It is the p2p crypto exchange that doesn’t require a central authority or intermediary. The above mentioned are the popular decentralized exchanges to trade right now. Keep a note, these platforms will never save your sensitive or transaction information. Further, they never ever handle the custody of the user’s funds.

There are a few more DEX’s on the market, but they’re either expensive or have low liquidity or lack security functionalities.

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