Best DApps on Ethereum

DApps are probably called “Decentralized Applications”. DApps are the latest technology that has become more popular in no time. Currently, DApps technology is ruling the investment circle. DApps provides an excellent visual and standardized functionality of the mobile and desktop app that everyone is familiar with. But, the DApps doesn’t run on third-party or corporate servers. Instead, they run on the p-2-p network or blockchain. Hence, no individual or organization has control over the applications. Simply put, DApps are community-driven.

The key advantage of DApps is – Eliminate downtime. For example, when a server slows down, the other desktop will take up the load. Thereby DApps will be continuously working. No third party or central authority is responsible for handling or running the DApps.

Best DApps on Ethereum


Now swapping cryptocurrency is easier than ever with Uniswap. Uniswap was introduced in 2018. The primary function of the Uniswap platform is the trade and exchange of Ethereum cryptocurrency. Another attractive feature is “POOL”. Investors deposit crypto coins into the smart contract. It provides liquidity and earns the pool of coins in a return. There are endless reasons to choose Uniswap – low trading charges, self-custodial, a massive collection of crypto coins available for exchange and trading.

The platform allows investors to trade crypto coins with the investors around the network. Uniswap ecosystem is the leading network of decentralized applications (DApps). Uniswap is a well-known decentralized finance protocol. The Uniswap protocol aids automated transactions between crypto coins on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain using smart contracts.


Idex – High-performance decentralized exchange

Idex will never ever compromise on performance and security. Investors around the world can buy, sell and trade their digital assets on the trusted cryptocurrency exchange. Idex is the popular and first Ethereum (ETH) based decentralized smart contract exchange that completely supports real-time trading functionality.

No compromises – Start trading with advanced order type – stop less, limit and more. 

Peak performance – The trading engine offers high-throughput, automatic execution and more. Traders don’t need to worry about failed trades or front running.

Complete freedom – Connect cryptocurrency wallet on the move and take control of trading without third parties. Traders are responsible for their funds.

Staking and earning on the Idex expansive ecosystem is simple. Traders can earn upto 50% of the trading fees. With advanced API on Idex, it’s easier to integrate the trading software. The launchpad on Idex is best for project growth.


ForkDelta is the most-used Ethereum (ETH) decentralized application. Similar to Idex Dapp, ForkDelta is the leading decentralized exchange platform that is offering trading in Ethereum-20 tokens. ForkDelta has a wide range of tokens and high liquidity. It is a good reason to choose ForkDelta DApp.

Start trading Ethereum tokens today on ForkDelta. ForkDelta will allow investors to trade Ether coins directly with global users. No central authority is involved, traders are responsible for everything – funds, private keys and more. ForkDelta users are completely responsible for their trading decision making.

Use the deposit form to keep all your Ethereum tokens on the exchange. Never ever send your Ethereum or other tokens to the smart contracts directly. There may be a chance of unrecoverable coins. ForkDelta is not responsible for recovering your funds.


Prism is the trusted Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain. With Prism Dapp, users can invest Ethereum (ETH) in multiple digital assets and specify the percentage of the existing holding they need. As Prism is a complete relay on ETH smart contracts, nobody can manage their seeds of multiple exchanges. Users can manage their portfolio with ease on Prism.

With an attractive user interface, Prism can check its investment portfolio with a glance. Also tracks them in real-time.


Gnosis will build the latest market mechanism for Dapps and finance. The key three interoperable product lines will allow every user to create, store and trade their digital assets or cryptocurrencies on Ethereum. Gnosis Dapp is hosted on the ETH network and developed to work as an effective prediction market. 

The prediction market can use user prediction to get information about future events. Also, individual users can create their own prediction markets for upcoming events, allowing users to either buy or sell shares of the predicted events.

Users can become a member of GnosisDAO. It is the powerful prediction market-driven collective. GnosisDAO is handled by prediction markets. Join Gnosis now and securely store, sell and buy digital assets.

Aragon is an interesting project on the Ethereum blockchain. The application was introduced especially to build and manage DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The DAO concept is applicable to every company or non-profit organization, to bring an additional level of transparency. Aragon is standing out from the crowd, as it is solving the biggest problem. It helps in curbing needless intermediaries. These intermediaries are replaced by the Ethereum smart contracts.


Trading and earning is now easy on the Bancor network. Bancor technology will allow users to swap the token in a non-custodial manner through an external wallet. The platform is widely used to allow for automated and instant conversion of digital assets into other coins, including across Ethereum blockchain; there is no counterpart involved during the exchange.

Join Bancor today, trade crypto coins and earn excellent interest on the token through skating them. No sign-up or filling in your personal information is required for secure trading. 

Bancor is the popular and first decentralized trading protocol and liquidity provider to participate in an open-source financial market with no intermediaries to enter. Simply put, no permission or approvals are necessary to use the Bancor protocol, as it is available for free.

The total liquidity existed in Bancor is $1.642 billion and the Bancor price is $4.31. The total BNT stake is 82.35%.

Wrapping up

DApps are open-source and run on a decentralized network. The open-source feature allows developers to improve the existing features and their functionality in no time. Since DApps are blockchain-based, they are easy to integrate the digital assets. If you’re interested in exploring decentralized applications, the above mentioned are the popular decentralized apps for the latest investing world.

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