Best crypto trading terminals

Trading terminals are often used by traders or investors to get connected to several exchanges via APIs. Just by using third-party trading terminals, users can access several features that are unavailable on their exchange platforms. Trading terminals acts similar to the central hub. It connects traders’ portfolios across several exchanges.

New and experienced traders can use the terminal services while managing their exchanges. Keeping it simple, trading terminals will allow traders to place their orders (buy or sell) their digital assets, execute complicated trading strategies, automate menial jobs and more. Also, there are few trading strategies that involve making their trades for several assets at the given or same time.

Let’s discuss more crypto trading terminals

Definition of crypto trading terminals

These are the software applications or programs that provide the latest trading tools that may not be available on crypto exchange platforms. Traders around the globe are making great use of trading terminals while placing the order. Keeping it simple, trading terminals allow investors to trade on several exchanges from one piece of tool or software. Also, traders can enjoy advanced trading services such as dollar-cost averaging, trailing stop loss, different order types and a lot more.

Best crypto trading terminals

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can use a crypto trading terminal. But, you need to choose the trading terminal depending on your trading type. If you’re a short-term trader, choose a platform according to the features that you require. Even though there are great tools, occasional traders can benefit from them by using advanced tools.

Depending upon the kind of trader you are, you should pick a trading terminal of your choice. Some people are short-term traders, and many of them are swing traders; based on the features you may need, you should pick software for you.

There are few crypto trading terminals, especially for automated trading. Have a look at this article on “Best Crypto Trading Bots”. For now, let’s discuss leading crypto trading terminals online.


3Commas is a smart and efficient trading terminal. The tool is the ultimate option for beginner and professional traders. If you’re looking to maximize profits at low risk, choose 3Commas. The trading terminal is committed to making the trading experience simple and comfortable. Currently, there are 1.2 billion trades created with a $22.5 billion trading volume. 

SmartTrade and trading terminals will allow traders complete control over their positions. On the other hand, 3Commas will create both entry and exit during point-of-trade, take your profit and stop loss to reduce the risk. Make passive income every day on 3Commas. With in-build trading strategies and trading bot preset, traders can copy other trader strategies and follow them to gain profits. 

Creating an account on 3Commas is simple and easy. All you need to do is connect your exchange account via API keys. Now, enjoy 3Commas attractive features – monitor portfolio with ease, automated trading, take a trade on several exchanges, etc.


Altrady is another leading crypto trading terminal available on the crypto market. The all-in-one trading tools enable trades on several exchanges and improve performance. There are more than 50,000 crypto traders who trust Altrady.

Enjoy multiple benefits with Altrady. The attractive features include

  • Powerful technology
  • 100% fund security
  • Completely customizable
  • Instant notification and alerts
  • Gain knowledge with experts

With smart trading forms, users can gain flexibility and add power to trading. Altrady smart trading will fit every trading strategy. Whether you make one trade or a thousand trades, you can easily track every trade performance. With real-time market information, traders can buy or sell their digital assets. Receive an instant notification on your mobile, email and desktop. Altrady is a suitable platform for beginners, intermediates and professionals.


Hurray!!! It’s time to become a crypto pro with the help of Coinigy. With Coinigy, you can manage your wallets around multiple exchanges. Whether it’s day or night, trade anytime from anywhere. It has been providing reliable crypto trading since 2014.

The trading terminals were introduced especially for professional traders. Coinigy is the unique solution for day trading. Manage your technical strategies around multiple portfolios. Traders will access to “Trading view’s advanced charting” features and set with more than 75 indicators for crypto markets. On the other hand, real-time notification traders can easily stay up to date.

Coinigy is the professional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading destination. Connect with over 45 exchanges on Coinigy. Also, it will offer real-time access to the crypto pricing information, complete-featured spot trading, aggregation tools and more.  There are no extra exchange charges applied while trading. They only charge you according to your subscription module during sign-up.


Cryptowatch is a popular trading terminal software. The platform was bought by “Kraken Exchange”. Cryptowatch provides complete detailed and effective charting tools and other order placement functionality. Traders can connect multiple exchanges, trading orders, view portfolios and a lot more from one stop. Monitor trading activities and pricing levels through instant notification or SMS alerts.

Cryptowatch is standing out from the competition with its monetizing functionality. As the trading software is free for simple charting. Sounds amazing! This is another advantage for beginners to choose Cryptowatch. There are no trading limits, pick the free version and give it a try.

The popular order types on CryptoWatch are Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Market and more. Cryptowatch users can enjoy a detailed overview of multiple digital assets, wallets, exchanges, liquidity, volume rank and more. Portfolio management has the ability to handle all your exchange portfolios with ease. Cryptowatch has the ability to set unlimited alarms.

Wrapping up

Crypto trading terminals are a must-have thing for crypto investors. With the trading terminal, investors can easily get connected with any exchange of their choice through an API key. Also, investors don’t need to log in to their exchange profile or account. Hope the above-mentioned crypto trading terminals are helpful for you. Pick the professional trading terminal software that has several features. These tools are beginners, intermediate and professional traders.

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