Best Crypto Trading Bots

If you’re a newbie to cryptocurrency, crypto trading bots are the life saviour. Crypto trading bots often allow you to automate both selling and buying of positions depending on the technical indicators. Simply put, trading bots will implement key trading strategies, percentage of high trades and more. Few trading strategies also include the crossing of few moving averages and triggering selling and buying automatically in no time.

Let’s have a look at popular crypto trading bots available right now.

Best crypto trading bots

As the crypto market is gaining its popularity and attention around the world, it’s even more important and easier to get started with a trading bot to help or improve investment strategy.


While considering the widest range of crypto trading strategies, no tool can beat Coinrule. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Coinrule is an automated crypto trading software. It empowers investors to compete with expert algorithmic investors and hedge their funds. You don’t need to be a professional software developer to use Coinrule. Everything is simple. From growth to long-term holding rules and stop-loss settings, the platform will continuously introduce you to the latest and trending templates.

The platform will create automated trading strategies around the clock. Investors can select over 150 rules or you can create your own strategy. Coinrule is a user-friendly and secured place to send trading rules to favourite exchanges. It includes Coinbase Pro, Binance and more. Coinrule supports more than 10 exchange platforms, choose according to your interest. Start creating your rules right away and control your portfolio at zero price.


If you’re looking for the world’s leading exchange platform with over 16 trading bots, look no further than Pionex. Generate profits from volatility. The fee starts from 0.05% onwards. The trading bots will help investors automatically buy the crypto at the lowest prices and sell the crypto at the highest price. Earn profits on sleeping, holidays and working as well. Pionex will help to purchase the dip and even earn more crypto coins rather than holding. Investors are earning upto 50% APR with low risk.

You can trade with USD. Keeping it simple, deposit using a bank account, as the platform supports transferring the crypto coins. Investors can easily automate their trades around the clock. is the one-stop destination for the one who is looking for the best connecting crypto exchange platform. Shrimpy is the top social trading platform available in the market. Investors can manage or control their portfolios in one place. Linking all your wallets on Shrimpy is easy. On the other hand, traders can easily track their overall performance and analyse the crypto market.

With Shrimpy, you can easily connect to any of the exchanges to manage the portfolio.  Currently, there are 30+ wallets and exchanges available on Shrimpy. Add as many exchanges or wallets as you wish. There are three packages available, starter, professional and enterprise. Choose the package according to your requirements and allow the trading bots to control your crypto investments when you’re busy.


It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is constantly growing and moving. Relying on trading bots is the best way to increase your revenue. Cryptohopper is the leading trading bot available in the market. The 24×7 crypto trading bots can easily host their services through cloud storage. No need to worry about downtime. Whether you’re online or offline, Cryptohopper will work for you around the clock.

Get started within a few simple steps. The platform offers an intuitive setup procedure. No credit card details are required to create an account at Cryptohopper. Signup and start investing without hassles. Also, no software installation is required. The trading bots will integrate with professional crypto investors, this can enhance your crypto trading and help while refining the strategy.


CryptoHero is another popular and unique crypto trading bots website. With a beautiful user interface, CryptoHero is used by millions of users. The automated trading bots are often powered by artificial intelligence. The platform will automate all the crypto trades 24/7. Create your trade bots within a couple of minutes. DOwnload the CryptoHero app on your mobile phones, run anytime and anywhere. Automated trading allows you to track performance around several exchanges.

Paper trade is another excellent feature of CryptoHero. Users can easily test bots without even owning their cryptos. Simply put, CryptoHero is a risk-free trading bot. With multiple exchange integration, users can connect API keys, further trade their cryptos around several platforms. Start trading with zero technical knowledge on CryptoHero.


Are you holding Bitcoins? Have no time for trading? Yes! Look no further than Bitsgap. It is the popular Bitcoin trading bot available. It enables investors to manage their assets without hassles. With ease, investors can analyze 10,000 crypto pairs. Also, it detects crypto coins that have the shortest potential. Investors can easily build their own trading bot strategies as well.

Get a clear overview of the trading using the Bitsgap Chart. Bitsgap is a completely automated trading bot that works every second and every minute. Give a test before investing your money in Bitsgap. The platform can be accessed even without downloading the software. Keep a note, all your funds will be stored on the exchange balance just for security purposes. Choose Bitsgap that will help you maximize the profits.


You’ve reached the end. Now, let’s have a quick overview of crypto trading bots. These are automated tools that help investors to sell and buy cryptos at the right time. The ultimate goal of the software is to improve revenue and reduce the risk of losses. Have a look at the above mentioned best crypto trading bots with website links. These bots are free and paid-for software. These tools will enable investors to handle everything under one roof. Many trading bots enable investors to easily trade for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins with ease. Now, it’s time to choose the best crypto trading bot for you. Manage your portfolio 24×7 every day with these bots.

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