Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

If you’re an advanced crypto investor, you would probably store your funds or digital assets around several blockchains. Also, you might have to use several wallets for multiple purposes. When you store your funds on multiple wallets and blockchain, it could be harder for you to keep track of all your crypto and their net worth. 

It’s time to remove the hardest pain in your neck through a crypto portfolio tracker. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The right crypto portfolio tracker works wonders for you. It helps traders gauge their gains and losses in real-time. No matter how many networks or wallets you use. Few portfolio trackers will also track PnL. This feature might be unavailable in most digital wallets.

It’s an open fact that the crypto portfolio tracker is the best tool for newbie and professional traders. As these tools enable traders to keep a check on crypto price variations. It means, traders can monitor crypto value changes around the clock. Also, track their investments accordingly.

Do you store your digital assets on your hardware wallet to ensure security? Yes! A Crypto portfolio tracker can be an amazing way to stay updated on the crypto value of an investment. This feature sounds amazing!

Hope you’ve convinced yourself to invest in a crypto portfolio tracker. If you’re not sure which crypto portfolio tracker you need to purchase, here is a list of top crypto portfolio trackers available in the market. Have a look at one another and choose the best crypto portfolio tracker that works best for you.

Without further delay, let’s get into the topic!


CoinStats is the best place to manage all your crypto assets and decentralised finance portfolio with ease. Currently, CoinStats supports over 400 crypto platforms. Among them, the popular wallet and exchange platforms are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Kucoin and more.

CoinStats offers a user-friendly interface, and beginners can access the dashboard without hassles. You can track all your assets from a single dashboard on CoinStats. With effective portfolio management, you can keep your eyes on all cryptocurrency investments. Within a single glance, you can improve your investment.

Traders don’t need to worry about security. As the platform offers world-class security, the tool safeguard from internal and external threats. Advanced security and safety measures are taken to provide safety for users on CoinState. Within a few simple clicks, you can get started for free. Another reason to choose CoinState is the platform offers military-grade encryption to ensure the data is securely stored.


Are you new to crypto trading? Unable to commit whether to purchase a monthly or yearly package? Looking for other ways to explore crypto trading bot features without any commitment? All your worries are answered by Pionex. It is an excellent trading bot available in the market.

Good news for all the new traders who are planning to use a bot. You don’t need to pay a single dollar to explore the Pionex functionalities. Create and get started with zero price. Get access to popular crypto trading bots. Let’s have a quick look at a few trading bots on Pionex.

  • Grid trading bot – It enables you to purchase the crypto at a low value and sell it at a high value.
  • Spot-futures Arbitrage bot – This bot is suitable for all the retail investors out there. It helps you to generate passive income at minimal risk. 
  • Rebalancing bot – It allows you to HODL the crypto tokens.
  • Leveraged grid bot – It is offering upto 5x leverage.
  • Martingale bot – This bot will perform a dollar-cost averaging buy, it means a one-time sell in order to capture the accurate fluctuated profits.

On the other hand, the Smart Trade terminal enables you to set the stop-loss and earn profit levels. Pionex is the first crypto exchange platform that has an in-built trading bot. Simply put, you can buy or sell your cryptos directly using more than 18 trading bots of your choice. You should pay 0.05% while using the services on Pionex.


CoinSmart is the best platform for traders who are planning to buy or sell their crypto tokens on their PC or smartphone. CoinSmart is another popular crypto portfolio tracker available in the crypto market. It is designed for new and expert traders. The main aim of CoinSmart is to make crypto accessible to everybody. There are more than 15 cryptocurrencies available, the popular tokens are Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Creating a CoinSmart account is straightforward. It just takes a couple of minutes to get started. Traders can access their funds as soon as they deposit. Get yourself verified and start trading your digital assets on the move. On the other hand, you can buy digital tokens through multiple payment channels such as e-transfer, debit or credit cards, wire transfers, etc. Also, you can easily sell crypto tokens and get fiat money directly in the bank account.

CoinSmart has its native wallet, which means traders can deposit, hold and track their crypto directly. Also, trade every trade and crypto portfolio. Trading activity trackers also contain information on deposits and withdrawals. Access the dashboard and view the available crypto portfolio balance and the balance for every digital token. Keep your tabs on your activities such as trading history, transaction history, etc.

Advanced traders can make use of stop-loss and limited orders during trading. Also, traders can perform live charting on the spot crypto markets. CoinSmart is the best place to learn and earn.


Blockfolio is another popular crypto portfolio tracker for beginners and experienced traders. It was introduced in the year 2014. An excellent feature of Blockfolio is the platform has the ability to support multiple crypto assets. There are around 6 million happy users from 20+ countries on Blockfolio.

Blockfolio is now called FTX. It’s the complete cryptocurrency app that has the latest cryptocurrency prices for more than 10,000 digital tokens. On the other hand, users can get access to important news, the latest updates and many more from the FTX team.

  • One of the best features of FTX is users can earn free cryptocurrencies on every trade, the trading value must be over $10.
  • Whether you’re planning to buy or sell Bitcoin or Dogecoin, you can buy for $1 to $10,000 within a few minutes.
  • FTX allows you to stay updated with the price alerts details, charts, news and more. This helps investors to never miss a great opportunity to increase their earning.
  • Traders can easily track their crypto portfolio around 500+ exchanges. They can view their profit and loss from other crypto exchanges. Also, they can simply track crypto prices within a few simple clicks. So far, traders can track more than 10,000 crypto prices.


Delta is a popular investment tracker that exists in the cryptocurrency market. Make every move smartly with Delta. It is the best application to track every investment. The platform allows you to access accurate crypto information and instant alerts to earn good money.

With a “multi-asset investment tracking application”, you can manage several crypto portfolios and also track their performance in real-time. There are many effective charts and tools available in the Delta. Get accurate information about stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds and a lot more. 

Thanks to multi-asset tracking on Delta. You can get a complete picture of your portfolio balance, profits and loss at multiple time intervals. Delta app is used by 3 million people from 115 countries. Keeping it simple, if you’re planning to invest in an ideal crypto portfolio tracker, Delta is the best app for you. Don’t need to worry about switching between multiple platforms, exchanges or applications. All the investments at a single glance.

Wrapping up

You’ve reached the end. The article is all about the best crypto portfolio trackers in the crypto world. These trackers can make newbie and advanced traders satisfied and happy. Choose the crypto portfolio tracker according to your requirement. If you’re a newbie, Blockfolio can be the best crypto portfolio tracker for you. For mobile traders, using Delta can be a preferable option for you. Choose your crypto portfolio tracker wisely to make the most of your money.

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