Best Crypto Copy Trading Softwares

The cryptocurrency market is completely filled with investors who constantly earn money and also who consistently lose money.

There is a key deciding factor that determines the success of crypto trading. The deciding factor is Crypto Trading Software.

If you want to earn passive income with your crypto coins, all you require is a portion of luck and the right software. Get into the action and double your earnings through crypto trading.

What is crypto copy trading?

Copy trading is the leading software application that allows investors to automatically copy the positions managed by selected professional traders. As the name suggests, crypto copy trading is the process of copying specific techniques and strategies with the desired support or leverage.

Following are the popular crypto copy trading softwares and platforms. The below-mentioned list below consists of free and paid software. 


PrimeXBT is the leading copy trading platform available online. The software allows traders of every experience level (beginner to experienced) to novices alike. On the other hand, PrimeXBT helps experienced traders monitor their knowledge and skills by supporting other investors to copy their crypto techniques or strategies.

Create a free account on Prime XBT today. Get access to cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities and stock indices from your account. As Prime XBT offers industry-leading technology, traders can easily improve their results.

If you’re new to the trading world, select the best performing strategy from PrimeXBT and automatically copy the experienced trading activities to ensure similar returns. If you’re an experienced trader, you can earn 20% of the profit. 

PrimeXBT will reduce the risk and improve your returns. Beginners can easily start trading just like a professional trader. The platform offers low trading charges when compared to other crypto copy trading platforms.


Looking for user-friendly trading software? Naga is the right choice for you. Naga is the leading crypto copy trading destination that easily copies the trade. Also, it helps investors to discover other experienced investor’s statistics on the leaderboard. Sounds amazing! Depending on your requirement, copy the investment strategies and earn good profits.

  • Get access to Naga trading markets with a single click.
  • Use a messenger application for sharing your analysis.
  • Allows investors to adjust their auto-copy ratio. Also, setting the individual investment amount is easier.
  • Set a stop loss to rescue yourself. Considering the profit limits will also secure overall trading revenue.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use investors leaderboard.

Start trading like an experienced trader with Naga. The software finds another experienced trader, all you need to click and follow their activities. Create an account for free, enjoy the innovative features of Naga Autocopy and gain good experience. You can even close individual trade or pause the auto-copying of an experienced trader, anywhere at any time.


FXTM is a global online financial trading and investment destination. The platform is a popular copy trading destination for all investors around the globe. The global ECN broker is active in African and Asian markets. Sounds amazing! They 

provide a wide range of investor account types. 

  • Get access to your trading accounts under a single platform.
  • You can trade more than 250 financial instruments at any time and anywhere.
  • Cross-device trading between mobile devices and desktops.
  • Within a single click, you can view real-time values and get real-time price updates.
  • Multiple regulations are available. The popular regulations are FSC, CYSEC, FCA and more.
  • There are over 250 financial CFD instruments available.
  • Enjoy commission-free trading.

FXTM crypto copy trading software provides “FXTM Invest Service” for an initial investment of $100. It means, whether you’re a beginner or experienced trader, you can begin copy trading with a minimum deposit value of $100 and more. The minimum deposit value is allowing FXTM access for the one who is looking for trading at a low value.


Investing has made it simple and easier with the innovation of copy trading. It’s time to join the social trading network. Choose ZuluTrade and copy experience performing traders from multiple brokers without hassles and meet your investment goals.

According to ZuluTrade, 77% of investors are earning good profits through crypto copy trading correctly. ZuluTrade software supports more than 40 forex brokers. Also, the solution allows you to link your existing account with the new ZuluTrade account.

It’s no secret that ZuluTrade is the amazing crypto copy trading destination available online. The software helps investors or traders to filter brokers according to minimum deposit, mobile service and more. Traders can also create their accounts through Facebook.

Get a chance to download your excel or spreadsheet of your simulated trades. You don’t need to pay the amount to join, ZuluTrade is absolutely free. You should only pay the spread on your trading account. ZuluTrade enables you to copy experienced trader’s portfolios. Also, allows notifications when a margin call arrives. Within a single click, you can download all the simulated trade spreadsheets.


eToro is another leading crypto copy trading platform in the market. The software is a popular Israel-based trading platform for beginners. Traders can easily buy, trade or exchange their cryptocurrencies and achieve better results or profits. There is no commission fee, there are no limits as well. Simply put, traders aren’t required to pay the brokerage fee. eToro is a suitable platform for all traders.

Within a single click, traders can invest in the stock market – Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and more. Keep in mind, the minimum deposit value is $50. At present, there are over 340,440,095 trades that are open for all the traders.

Just like the FXTM platform, eToro software offers suggestions and guidance for their traders. The platform is introducing excellent financial market guides, frequent updates, newsletters and more. The daily report section allows you to know the occurred events and price surges or losses. These highlights will help you while making a decent investment.

In a nutshell

Everything is digitalized around the world. Whether it could be money-making strategies or transferring money to your friend. Beyond everything, there is a famous sector i.e crypto copy trading. Copy-trading is often used while trading, it is also called social trading. Newbies with minimum trading experience or have minimum time to follow strategies, choose copy trading. With copy trading software, traders will create the same strategies from another experienced trader’s account. The process could be automated or manual. Choose the best crypto copy trading software and get a chance to earn profits with digital currency.

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