Best Coinbase Alternatives

Is there anybody who is unaware of the crypto platform – Coinbase? Of Course NO. Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency destination that enables investors to purchase, sell, store or transfer digital assets. The platform securely stores the digital currency and assets in the offline warehouse.

Though there are several advantages to using Coinbase, there are few drawbacks such as limited payment ways, track traders spending and more. If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Coinbase? Yes! This article is just for you.

Following are the best Coinbase alternatives. Keep a note, the list contains both free and paid software. Choose the crypto platform according to your requirements.


Want to create a cryptocurrency account in less than 21 seconds? Yes! ZenGo is the right platform for you. ZenGo is making it the easiest way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Buying, selling, trading and earning interest on your cryptos with mind-bending security, safety and simplicity.

No document is required to create an account. ZenGo mobile application is available for App Store and Google Play. ZenGo is the keyless crypto wallet available in the market, no password, private keys and seed phrases are required. With just facial biometrics, investors can control their cryptos without hassles. Sounds amazing! Download the app today and enjoy the security and safety setup in the crypto world.

Everything is simplified on ZenGo. Send, receive or manage your cryptos with complete freedom. No need to worry about minimum or maximum and also no extra fees. Within a few simple clicks, you can buy or sell cryptos. Earn interest in every crypto. Also, you can track your portfolio with ease.

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is the first and leading secured cryptocurrency IRA destination trusted by thousands of investors worldwide. The platform was introduced in May 2016. It allows users the tax benefit of an IRA. 

Bitcoin IRA is an amazing destination for new and experienced traders. Buy, sell or trade your crypto coins with less effort. The unique feature of Bitcoin IRA is to enjoy tax-free gains on your profits.

Whether you’re planning to store Bitcoin or exchange all your Litecoins, Bitcoin IRA is the best place for you. Investors are storing their digital assets without any worries. As the platform is offering secure trading via SSL. Buy, sell or trade all your cryptos around the clock in real-time. Bitcoin IRA allows you to track live crypto value and overall portfolio performance. Start investing in popular crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and more.


Want to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly? Have a look at Gemini. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Gemini enables a simple and secure destination to build a powerful portfolio. Get started with Gemini right away. Keeping it simple, Gemini is a completely regulated exchange destination. Investors are legitimating their cryptos around the globe. Start exchange trades in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and more.

Get a Gemini Credit Card and enjoy 3% cashback on your orders. There is no annual fee charged for Gemini Credit Cards. With SOC certification integration, users can exchange or trade their coins without hassles. Hardware security keys are also available, secure your account through WebAuthn. Maximize trading techniques and strategies with excellent Active Trader. The other advanced products of Gemini are Gemini Dollar, Gemini Custody, Gemini Clearing, Gemini Pay and Gemini Wallet.


Buy and sell cryptos on the move with Paxful. The destination is the secured and safe p-2-p marketplace to buy or sell virtual currencies. There are over 350 payment methods available. Create your account to send money on your preferred payment method. The popular payment methods are IMPS transfer, Google Pay and Paytm.

Paxful is secured by Escrow. Over 6 million active users are happily using Paxful to send, buy and trade their cryptocurrencies. There are over thousands of trusted offers available on Paxful. With the Paxful platform, start elevating complete financial freedom. But Bitcoin real-time, also you can trade the digital currencies with other users via live chat. Sell your coins according to your price tag and get paid instantly. Also, you can get a Bitcoin Wallet for free, the wallet is handled by BitGo. Join the Paxful affiliate program and earn passive income.

Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Crypto is the preferred destination for beginner and experienced traders. Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with minimal effort. Whether you’re planning to buy Bitcoin or sell Dogecoin, Robinhood Crypto is the best place. As the platform is offering commission-free on every cryptocurrencies exchange or transfer.

Get started with Robinhood Crypto and manage all your cryptos and other digital assets with confidence and comfort. All your coins and sensitive data is secured at Robinhood. They never reveal your information for third-party resources.

Get instant access to your market information anytime and anywhere. Users can view analyst ratings within a few simple clicks. Apart from buying and selling cryptos, you can invest in Derivatives, Equity and other digital assets on the Robinhood application. The mobile app is available for multiple users – Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.


Kraken is one of the strong competitors for Coinbase. Kraken is a popular exchange platform for everyone around the world. With security assessment, all your crypto’s and personal information will stay secured and protected. Buy or sell digital assets within a few simple clicks, high-liquidity exchange will ensure that all the trade purchases are quickly executed according to your estimated price.

Kraken will take your trading to the utmost level. Sounds amazing! Margin Kraken is used to trade with 5x leverage. Also, get accurate pricing for several cryptocurrencies with real-time and reference information. If you’ve any queries, reach Kraken customer support. Their service team will assist you around the clock.

Wrapping up

A cryptocurrency is a popular digital currency that is classified as a subset of other virtual currencies. Coinbase is the leading crypto destination to sell, buy, trade and store digital assets. Coinbase is the safest place to buy or trade cryptos. There are few drawbacks for Coinbase such as usage, authentication, facial security and more. Following are the popular alternatives for Coinbase. Pick the crypto platform according to your choice.

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