Best Cash Back Apps

Are you a money saver? You make adjustments and follow different tricks to save money on your monthly budget. Well, then this article is just for you. Cash-back is also one of the best and easiest ways to save money. In this article, you will check out such best cashback apps that will help you save money. 

What are cash-back apps?

Cashback apps are providing customers with new ways to shop and save. Yes! These are also apps that are helping people save good money. Yes! Cash Back apps have changed the game for coupons or other rewards. Earlier people have to go through great deals to get their hands on coupons or discounts. But with the advent of the internet, the world has truly become easier for people. 

From door delivery to e-commerce platforms, it has improved the standard of life for people. Cashback apps have been in rage now, these apps provide people with all the latest rewards such as coupons and cashback offers. These apps are helping people save good money. Saving is the first step of investing. Whether you agree or not, if you start saving your money you will naturally become more inclined towards securing your future. Although cashback may not be a big deal, you will be able to at least get some part of the amount you spend back. So it is worth it.

Here are the best cash-back apps that will help you in saving good money.

Rebates me

Rebates me is one of the best cash-back apps. This is every smart shopper’s first choice. Through this app, you can easily save money while shopping. Through Rebates me you can easily earn up to 40% cashback at their partnered stores. And the best part is that they have partnered with more than 4000 stores. Cool, right? Some of their partner stores are Sephora, Clinique, Colourpop. Wondering how this platform works? Well, all you have to do is create your and shop through it. Yes, it is that simple. Creating an account hardly takes a few minutes. Once you create your free account you will also receive a $5 bonus too. You can either sign up with your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Email account. 

The next step is to shop through the rebates on my platform. While shopping you can earn cashback and once you have enough balance in your account you can redeem it either through Paypal or Amazon gift cards. When you purchase from their stores you will get cashback. They have excellent offers that are just perfect for you. From departmental stores to Entertainment they have all the stores that you normally would shop at. The best thing about rebates is that it offers users excellent cashback, promo codes, and offers. They will provide the users with excellent recommendations too. 

Along with recommendations, you can also see the amount of discount or cashback you will be receiving. They offer a new recommended store list every day so that the users can easily find the best deals. There are also featured gift cards too. The users can earn good reward points, all you need to do is by purchasing gift cards. You can earn as many points as you want there is no restriction. 

Visit website: Rebates me


Ibotta is the second on the list. This is another popular cash-back app that is offering users excellent rewards. It has been around for a long time, it was started back in 2011. Ibotta is offering great cash backs on all everyday activities. Yes! This is the best part of this platform. It allows you to earn by performing your everyday activities such as apparel, online shopping, travel, and groceries. Purchase from your favorite stores and earn cashback from anywhere at any time. Yes! You heard it right. No matter where you shop and how you shop you will get cashback now. Ibotta truly makes it easy for people to earn cashback. The main reason being they have thousands of online and in-store offers. 

Some of their popular retailers include, Gap,,, HP, Bose, FTD, AJ Madison, Glossier, Ritani, OXO, Express, Belk, etc. Their browser extension will help you in earning money from your computer. All you need to do is add the Ibotta browser extension. You can also install their app to earn from your phone too. They have exclusive offers for groceries too. Ibotta has something for everyone. 

From Travel to Restaurant they have cashback and rewards available on everything.  Wondering, how does this work? All you have to do is download an Ibotta app or browser extension and start shopping. You can find and buy thousands of products from your favorite store. Once your order is confirmed you will receive cash. Yes! Cash. They don’t give you coupons or points, they will pay you cash immediately. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get a welcome bonus of $20. Sign up process is also easy. It hardly takes a minute or so to finish the sign-up process. 

Visit Website: Ibotta


The next cashback app on the list is Dosh. Dosh can be considered as one of the most easy-to-use and simple cashback apps currently available. This platform provides people with automatic cashback. Yes! You heard it right. No coupons, no receipt scanning, you will instantly receive your cashback from the thousands of places you shop, book hotels, or dine from. All you have to do is download the app or you can also find it on Jelli or Venmo. 

They are associated with brands such as Walmart, Instacart, GNC, Dunkin, Disney+, Ollie, Backcountry, Sephora, Pizzahut, Philosophy, etc. From groceries to booking hotels you can get cashback, by doing different activities on this app. As your favorite brands are giving you cashback on this app, don’t you think this spectacular deal will sweeten up your shopping experience. If you’re concerned about the safety of this platform. You don’t have to worry about that. Dosh is committed to consumer privacy. They will never sell your data. Yup! Your data is safe with them and it will never get into the wrong hands. Another important thing is that you can be assured about the safety of your financial information as they do not store any of your card details. 

They use two-factor authentication and multiple-factor authentication so that your data is protected. Well, you can be assured as they use bank-level security. Wondering, how does it work? Well, it is quite simple, all you have to do is download the app and check if your fav stores are offering cashback, and then link your card. Once the finding is done, you can start shopping. Start shopping and once you swipe cards and make payments you will receive cashback automatically to your wallet. Once you have accumulated more than $25 in your bank account you can transfer it to your bank account, Venmo, Paypal, or make donations. Dosh is making using cashback apps to earn money simply. While you carry on with your daily activities you can also earn cashback from those activities. 

Visit Website: Dosh


Drop is next on the list. This is another best cashback app that is offering users next-level rewards. You will be receiving rewards for shopping from favorite brands, sounds cool, right? You can do anything and everything on this platform. From travel booking to shopping you can do everything on this app. They have a new kind of reward program that is created just for you in their drop app. With this app you can reserve flights or get your night snacks, they will help you with everything. 

From Expedia to Postmates they have partnered with several companies so that they can offer their users the best services. Another reason why you must choose this platform is that it provides users with many excellent deals and amazing stores. Also, the users can directly shop from their app. Earning points is also quite simple with this platform. You will be earning points as you make purchases. Yes! You heard it right. Every time you purchase something from the app you will receive points and once they add up to become a significant amount you can spend them. 

They offer rewards such as Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix gift cards. You can start earning points by doing this you do every day such as shopping from places you regularly shop at. All you have to do is, get the app and once the sign-up process is done, shop and earn points. You can exchange these points for rewards. More than 3 million people are using this app. What are you waiting for? Use this app and earn excellent rewards.

Visit Website: Drop


Have you ever heard of honey? Well, if you are a shopaholic then there are hundreds of chances that you would have heard about it or used it. Well, if you’re someone who is looking for ways to save money but doesn’t enjoy spending all your time finding coupons then honey is perfect for you. One of the most common and important things that most people do before purchasing a product is to search for discounts or coupons. Don’t you agree? Why pay full price when you can get the product for a discount? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone search the coupons on your behalf? Well, this is what honey exactly does. They will search and provide their users with the best coupons on the internet. Honey will help you in finding the best coupons from more than 30,000+ sites

It has opened new doors for the shoppers, they can now find the best coupons and save both money and time without extra effort. It hardly takes you seconds to get it. All you have to do is add the browser extension and save huge bucks. Add the extension to your browser and shop. When you shop on the selected sites, they will automatically scan the internet for the best coupons and provide you with the best deals. In case they find any working coupons they will automatically apply them to your purchase and help you save money. From pizza to travel booking users can do anything and everything on this platform. While you shop, they will automatically look for coupons and add the best coupon out of the bunch to your purchase automatically. You can also add items you want to purchase in the future to the droplist. 

Once the price drops they will notify you about the same. Another best thing about honey is that it even compares you to the different sellers including the prices and shipping charges so that you can get the best product at the best price. Well, most of the time. People just purchase the first product they see as they dont have time to go through different sellers. However, honey has truly changed the way people shop. Add this free browser extension and start saving. Honey users are saving more than $126 yearly average savings. Some of their partnered stores include Sephora, Kiehls, JCPenney, Ulta Beauty, Lenovo, AEO, etc. Honey is also offering honey gold too. Well, honey helps people in finding coupons with honey gold. People can earn gift cards too. Through this loyalty program, you can spend less and earn more money than you expect. 

All you have to do is create an account and activate your account. Every time you shop you will earn gold and once you have a significant amount you can redeem the gold for the gift cards of popular stores. Once you earn 100 gold you can redeem it for gift cards for stores such as Sephora, eBay, Chipotle, and much more. What are you waiting for? More than 10 million people are using this extension to say one. Spend less and save more with honey. Next time you are shopping on the internet add this extension and save money. 

Visit Website: Honey


Paribus is also one of the best reward apps on the list. However, it works a little different compared to the others. Well, most of the platforms will provide you with rewards when you shop from their partner stores. But with Paribus you can find out which stores owe you refunds. Cool, right? All you have to do is sign up with the email that you use for online shopping receipts. Yup, it is as simple as that. Once you sign up they will scan your inbox and find receipts of the stores they monitor. Wondering how does this platform works, Well, quite simple. 

Once you sign up you can continue your shopping experience as you normally would. They will scan your inbox and find all the confirmation emails and once the prices drop in that particular store they will inform you. Most of the time people are highly busy that they dont find have time to check whether the prices of items on their wishlist or something they liked the last time they went shopping have decreased or not. Often they end up purchasing the same item at a slightly higher price. Well, now with Paribus you dont have to worry about it. As they will scan your emails and inform you if there is a slight price drop in the items. 

More than $29 million people are saving money by signing up for this platform. Paribus keeps track of 25+ major retail stores such as Home Depot, Target, Gap, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. If you think they will only help you in finding the best deals or price drops, you’re highly wrong. If the price of something you brought online drops, they will help you get the money back. Not only that, but in case of late deliveries, they will also track your shipment and help you in getting refunds from the e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. 

They also track the returns windows for you. You dont have to worry about return policies ever again. All you have to do is sign up. Shopping and saving will truly become one of the best experiences ever. If you are worried whether your data will be safe with them or not. Rest assured, they will not sell your data to any third party. Use this free resource and start saving from today.

Visit Website: Paribus

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a reward app that is specially designed to help you earn cashback on groceries and gas. This platform is the easiest way for you to earn from your favorite brands. On a normal basis, how often do you pump gas? Many times, right? Well, how about you save money whenever you pump gas? Sounds cool, right? There are more than 5000 participating gas stations that will help you in getting rewards. They add new offers for groceries, gas, and other everyday items every week. All you have to do is just get to the gas station grocery store and continue with the shopping.  

Yup, since they dish out new offers every week you can cash out excellent rewards every week. Wondering how to earn cashback from this platform. Well, it is more simple than any other cashback app that you use. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt, and boom!! You can earn your cashback. This platform serves all famous brands such as Unilever, Loreal, Dollar General, P&G, Nestle, CVS Health, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, etc. More and more people are using this platform. The reason is quite simple, well who would not like earning cashback by doing everyday activities. Also, it is quite intriguing to find a platform that offers cashback for pumping gas. 

View Website: Checkout51


It is highly impossible to make a cash-back apps list with MyPoints. It is one of the most popular cashback and survey platforms on the market right now. Mypoints is primarily known for surveys. However, on this platform, you can earn points by shopping too. Yes! Shop from your favorite store and earn rewards. Wondering what you will receive? The members will get around 40% of cashback for their every purchase from top retailers such as Home Depot & Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. 

All you have to do is shop from the website and start earning points. The best part is that you can find excellent latest deals, promo codes, and coupons. You will earn a point for every dollar you spend on this platform. The points will automatically be added to your account, once the order is reported. 

Visit Website: Mypoints


If you are interested in cashback then there is no doubt that you would have known about this app. Yes! Swagbucks is quite popular. It is one of the best cash-back apps in the market right now. Swagbucks not only offers cashback, but it is also one of the best survey platforms too. There are more than one interesting ways in which you can earn cashback on this platform. The best part being all these tasks are something that one would do regularly in their day-to-day life. 

Yes! From shopping online to searching the web you can earn your money by doing multiple things on this platform. Shop online as you regularly do, answer surveys, search the web, watch entertaining videos, and earn points. Once you have enough points you can easily redeem the points for gift cards from retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, etc. If not you can get cash through Paypal too. Another interesting feature of this platform is that you can find the latest deals and offers, coupons on this platform too. These offers also help you in earning points that can be redeemed and earn rewards.

Visit Website: Swagbucks

Capital one shopping

If you are looking for a platform that helps you in getting products at the best deals then Capital one shopping is the best cashback app for you. You can get the best prices and coupon codes that will help you in purchasing items at a discounted price. You get to see the best offers/deals of the day in the Today’s Featured Offers section. From jewelry to electronics you can find offers on anything and everything on capital one shopping. Not only that but trending deals from all the top stores will also be displayed on the home page. 

Apart from these, one of the main reasons why people loved this platform was they can easily find the best deals near them. Yes! All you have to do is update your zip code and you will be able to find the best deals near you. The best part about deals on this platform is that you can also find the average saving you will be making at the bottom. Cool, right? Next time you want to save money and win excellent rewards then Capital One Shopping is your destination.

View website: Capital One Shopping

Top Cashback

Top cashback is another best cashback app that is providing people with the best deals whenever they shop online. Yes! The offer is cashback. As the name of this platform suggests you will get cashback whenever you purchase goods online. More than 20 million people are saving a good amount of money using this platform

Also, around 4400 top online retailers are available on this platform. So you can earn money by just doing what you usually do-shopping. This platform is easy to use, you can shop as you regularly would, then you can add up the money, and once you have enough money you can redeem the cashback directly into your account or get gift cards. Be it sale or regular shopping, relying on this platform will provide you with the best deals that truly will help you in saving good money. 

View Website: Top cashback


Shopkick is another interesting cashback app that allows you to get cash back or rewards. Shopkick belongs to a trax company. This platform is easy to use and it is the easiest and fun way to get gift cards in-store or on the go. This app gives you rewards for shopping. The best part is it doesn’t matter how or where you shop, once you shop you will be rewarded with points that are known as kicks. 

You can use these points to get gift cards. You can shop in-store, online to earn these points. Apart from shopping, another interesting way to earn points is by browsing content and watching videos on this. You can just earn points from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is download the app. If you are looking for tips or tricks that would help you save money. You can just check out their blog.

View Website: Shopkick

Free Bird

Until this point you have only heard about earning cashback and rewards for shopping, surveys, watching videos, etc. However, have you ever imagined getting paid for taking rides, to go out? Well, with free bird it is possible. All you have to do is connect the app to your Lyft or Uber, whenever you take a ride, the points will automatically be added to your account. You will be paying the same amount of money as would in case you booked a ride. 

The only difference being you would have additional benefits such as cashback and points. Another interesting way to earn cashback on this app is going out and eating at your favorite restaurants and bars. All you have to do is connect your payment card with the free bird and you can easily find the latest and interesting deals in your area. This platform has partnered with some of the big names in the world such as Dave & Busters, Corona Premium, etc. 

View Website: Freebird

Receipt Hog

Do you shop a lot and have the habit of saving all the receipts, be it a big purchase or small? Well, if you have such a habit then Receipt Hog is the perfect app for you. This app provides a way to turn your receipts into cash and it is not such a hard job too. No matter what you shopped and where you shop you can get the cashback. 

All you have to do is click the picture of receipts, Earn rewards, and then once the rewards become a certain amount you can easily redeem your points. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to earn cashback. The app is available on both Android and iOS. All You have to do is upload the receipts and earn good rewards.

View Website: Receipt Hog

Wrapping up

As you have made it to the end of the list, you would have found out about the best cashback apps. Although most apps on this platform offer cashback or rewards. Some other platforms offer cashback and rewards for performing everyday activities such as shopping, riding cabs, taking surveys, watching videos, and browsing the internet. Check out the complete list and choose a platform that matches your requirements. All you have to do is sign-up and the rest will go with the flow. If you want to find out more about such platforms and their reviews check out the zeen website

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