Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways For Merchant Accounts

The cryptocurrency market is expanding at great heights like never before. According to analysis, there are over 5,300 cryptocurrency types traded. The market capitalization has crossed 200 billion dollars. If you’re looking for the best investment strategy, then keep your eyeballs on Cryptocurrency. Within a short period, you can avail of great benefits.

Apart from choosing the type of cryptocurrency, you need to focus on the cryptocurrency payment gateway. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Let’s have a deep look at the best Bitcoin payment gateways especially for merchant accounts that are available on the crypto market. Let’s discuss how these gateways work. 

Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways for Merchant Accounts


Coinbase is the popular and most-used crypto gateway available in the market. Coinbase mobile application is available for Android and iOS users. Download the mobile application designed for merchants. Start using the app for receiving your crypto payments instantly. 

Coinbase is the biggest crypto global exchange. With millions of investors, Coinbase has the excellent resources to develop excellent features. These features help investors in every corner. Coinbase is purely based in the US (United States). As Coinbase adheres to complete U.S laws on the currency exchange. Therefore, Coinbase is considered as the trusted exchange.

The exchange platform can be used as the Bitcoin payment gateways and normal exchange as well. Coinbase facilitates simple and easy currency conversion from cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) into fiat currency. Coinbase offers free on the first 1 million dollars of transactions. From then, Coinbase will levy a merchant account charge of 1% and go on.


If you’re looking for a user-friendly cryptocurrency app, Coingate is the right option for you. Coingate allows all the merchants to set up their accounts and monitor their payments at their fingertips. Another reason to choose Coingate is, it supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies, the popular cryptocoin is Bitcoin. Now, merchants around the world can enjoy multiple payment methods via the Coingate Bitcoin gateway.

Still not convinced with Coingate, here is another reason for you. Coingate is offering a wide range of plugins and allows investors to create a payment button on their website. This Bitcoin payment gateway charges 1% on the transactions.

Take immense advantage of this powerful Bitcoin payment gateway and trading tools that are created for newbie, intermediate and professional investors of the blockchain niche. Users can seamlessly trade and also accept Bitcoin from a single account.


Bitpay stands at the vanguard of this gateway technology. The company was introduced in the year 2011. If you’re looking to do more things with your Bitcoins, choosing Bitpay is the ultimate option for you.

Download the Bitpay application on your mobile to monitor and spend with ease. You can turn Bitcoin (BTC) into U.S dollars with “Bitpay’s prepaid MasterCard”. You’re the BOSS! Buy, sell or store your Bitcoins according to your terms. Bitpay doesn’t hold your Bitcoin, it will secure all your Bitcoins with simple backup and multi-signatures. Also, you can manage a group of wallets on the move. Get Bitcoin and shore for exciting gift cards.

With Bitpay, start accepting Bitcoin payments across the globe. This way, you can gain new customers easily. Also, you can escape from high chargebacks as well.

How does Bitpay work?

  • BitPay will display the bill or invoice for the customers.
  • Now, your customer will pay the invoice at the “locked-in” exchange charges.
  • Bitpay will convert the payments into fiat or local money.
  • Finally, the Bitpay payment gateway will initiate the settlement to you after one or two business days.

The ultimate goal of Bitpay is to help every merchant to provide worldwide requirements and reach every customer or user at the corners of the world. Bitpay will protect its merchants from unexpected hackers or frauds. Bitpay will allow the merchants to accept Bitcoin transactions on its website. Also, sellers will get a personalized or dedicated payment button. Bitpay supports multiple payment methods such as ACH, FPS and different transfer methods. On the other hand, payments are available in USD, EUR and more. 


If you’re a newbie, you might be unaware of the payment gateway – GoCoin. GoCoin is another platform to consider. The Bitcoin payment gateway was introduced in 2013. GoCoin is offering a secure and efficient international payment gateway. The organization blindly believes that blockchain commerce will glow in the upcoming days. Hence, with immense pleasure, GoCoin is assisting the merchant in accepting crypto payments. The platform empowers a wide range of categories such as travel, entertainment, hosting and more.

One of the top reasons to choose the GoCoin Bitcoin payment gateway is to keep every merchant’s funds secure and safe. Business or website entrepreneurs can easily integrate the GoCoin payment gateway through HPP. Therefore, popular plugins such as Shopify, WooCommerce are available.


CoinsBank is the leading Bitcoin payment gateway. With user-friendly functionality, CoinsBank stood as the popular payment gateway within the cryptocurrency. CoinsBank mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. The payment gateway supports popular fiat money such as UR, USD and more.

Download CoinsBank mobile app right away, the app is offering a one-click deposit and withdrawal feature. Yes, you’ve heard it right. With just a single click, you can deposit or withdraw your funds. This could be great for the one who is looking for large-volume transactions.

Another attractive feature of CoinsBank is, the app allows you to transfer friends and family members at zero cost. Every transaction will be processed using live market prices, this will give investors complete control over the funds. Finally, CoinsBank is offering world-class security features. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The payment gateway provides two-factor authentication that helps you to secure a crypto wallet. Also, CoinsBank customer support is available around the clock, they extend their hands to solve your problems.


A Bitcoin payment gateway will allow merchants to accept payments in the form of Bitcoins (BTC) from customers around the world. There are several ways to integrate the Bitcoin payment gateway into the website, most of the merchants often depend on third-party Bitcoin gateway APIs. The above mentioned are the best Bitcoin payment gateway for merchant accounts. Choose the payment gateway according to your requirements and needs.

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