Best Bitcoin Loan Sites

Being the 1st key player in the crypto market, Bitcoin (BTC) has several advantages over other digital assets. Bitcoin is a reliable and secure cryptocurrency, while other cryptocurrencies are still struggling hard to gain people’s trust. 

Bitcoin is popularly called a public currency, no government and central authority control or own the coin. With high-secured features, Bitcoin is approved by all the governments around the world. Investing in Bitcoin would be the right choice, as the price of the coin will keep on increasing.

Crypto lending is the new segment that has rapidly grown its popularity in the past few years. It will allow investors to lend their crypto i.e Bitcoin in exchange for interest. These lending platforms are commonly used by borrowers and lenders. Borrowers will request a loan on a lending platform and lenders will have few crypto laying that generates side income.

Let’s have a look at popular Bitcoin lending platforms available in the market.

Best Bitcoin Loan Sites


BlockFi is the leading and legit lending platform available to lenders and investors across the globe. Investors can withdraw their Bitcoins at any point. Also, investors can make a single withdrawal for zero charges every month. The digital assets at BlockFi are owned by the trusted company – Gemini.

Creating a BlockFi interest account (BIA) is pretty simple. Investors are earning upto 8% annually with their Bitcoin. Also, you can earn upto $250 bonus on transfers over $100. The more you transfer the amount, the more bonus you can receive. There is no minimum value required to earn interest on BlockFi. The duration of the loan is one year.

Interest accrues every day and is paid every month. Everything is transparent, no hidden charges are encouraged.


LendaBit is a one-stop destination to get instant smart loans. LendaBit is the p-2-p lending platform. Synergy technology and smart contracts is making the lending procedure super easy. Simply put, LendaBit is highly secured and user-friendly. Simple and world access to credit with zero charges. On LendaBit, both lender and borrowers can set their own terms.

LendaBit is completely protected, all the client information and their transaction data are fully secured by the latest security tools. 0% interest rate for the initial 45 days. There are no prepayment penalties included. The wallet services are handled by BitGo.

Lendabit is easier for borrowing funds and effective for lending. Whether it’s borrowing or lending, it just takes a few simple clicks. LendaBit offers fair interest rates and easy fee payments.


Whether you’re planning to get a loan in USD or EUR, YouHolder is the best place for you. Also, you can withdraw funds to your personal bank account or credit card instantly. Transferring crypto coins to YouHolder wallet with ease. The popular collateral options are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), COMP, Maker, Dogecoin (DOGE) and more. No additional charges for Bitcoin withdrawal and deposit.

If you’re a newbie, you can use a crypto loan calculator, select the loan plan accordingly. The minimum loan value is $100 and above. The loans will be approved within a few seconds. Loan duration can range from 1 to 2 months, interest rates are starting from 3% onwards. No extra platform charges.

The lending platform works similar to “Pawnshop”. YouHolder will act as a buyer and you will be a seller. With advanced functionalities, you can manage loans easily.


BtcPop is peer-to-peer Bitcoin banking. The lending is purely based on reputation. No credit score is involved in BtcPop. Get your loan approved quickly on BtcPop. Get instant loan approval without dealing with banks or loan sharks. This way, you can escape from unnecessary charges. BtcPop interest rate starts from 15% onwards. Make passive income by loaning your money to other members on BtcPop. Similar to other loan sites, you can set your own terms and amount.

Unlike other lending platforms, BtcPop doesn’t depend on third-party services. All Bitcoins and other cryptos are secured in offline storage. BtcPop referral program is another attractive scheme on the lending platform, refer to your friends or family members and earn extra. Get 0.5% commission under 5.0 Bitcoin loan and 0.25% commission on over 5.0 Bitcoin loan.

Celsius Network

Get registered to Celsius and earn passive income while sleeping. The loan platform is trusted by more than 1 million people worldwide. Investors have earned upto 17% on their Bitcoin (BTC). Earn your Bitcoins and receive payments every week. Also, you can earn 25% as additional rewards with a CEL token. 

Users can buy, borrow, earn interest and transfer their funds with zero charges. Celsius is available for desktop and mobile users. Unbank yourself with ease, sign-up on the website or mobile app. After sign-up, you need to verify yourself to get started with Celsius. Now, transfer your Bitcoin within few minutes.


Earn great interest on CoinLoan lending site. Millions of users are managing their digital assets securely on CoinLoan. The platform is suitable for one who is looking for borrowing or growing their assets. Your assets are not frozen, deposit or withdrawal according to your comfort. There is no fee charged while depositing or withdrawing. All your assets are secured under CoinLoan hands, as there is insurance coverage.

If you’ve any queries, the CoinLoan support team is here to help you. Earn smarter with CoinLoan. Get registered and earn interest every day for parking your Bitcoins (BTC). Interest rates are starting from 4.5% onwards. Earn 7.2% interest on Bitcoin. Buy, sell or swap the coins within a few simple clicks. CoinLoan is available for desktop and mobile app users.


Bitcoin is the most reliable and revolutionary development. More and more investors are buying Bitcoin. Your job doesn’t end just by buying Bitcoins. Your Bitcoins need to work for you. Earn passive income by lending your Bitcoins. There are two ways to earn interest i.e simple and compound interest. The above mentioned are the best Bitcoin lending platforms. Pick the best lending platform according to your requirements.

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