Best Bitcoin Desktop Wallets

Bitcoin (BTC) is the king in the cryptocurrency world. If you’re holding Bitcoin, you can call yourself lucky. Bitcoin is the leading digital coin in the crypto market. No central authority is needed to send or receive the transaction over blockchain.

A question for you! How do you send or receive Bitcoins? Your answer must be a Bitcoin wallet. If you’re unaware of what is Bitcoin and the best Bitcoin desktop wallets available in the market, this article is just for you. Let’s discuss Bitcoin Desktop Wallets.

Definition of Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallets are a kind of cryptocurrency wallet that is used to send or receive Bitcoins. These Bitcoin wallets work almost similar to physical wallets. In general physical wallets are used to store physical money, Bitcoin wallets will store important information such as cryptographic details that are used to access crypto addresses and complete transactions. Few Bitcoin wallets support other digital currencies as well.

Better understanding Bitcoin wallet

Let’s keep things simple for you. A Bitcoin wallet is a physical device or a program interacting with the blockchain. The main purpose of holding a Bitcoin wallet is to store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The wallet purely defines the cryptographic authority of your blockchain address. A Bitcoin wallet will consist of multiple things such as secret keys, private keys, personal information, etc. These private keys are probably used while processing transactions. As a result, wallets are giving you complete control over your Bitcoins.

There are several cryptocurrency wallets available online, it includes desktop, mobile, web, hardware and more. Let’s give a quick look at the best Bitcoin desktop wallet.

Bitcoin desktop wallets can be installed or downloaded on your desktop or personal computer. Get complete control of your Bitcoins, send or receive transactions anytime. The wallet ensures security and safety to all your crypto coins. Few desktop wallets are offering extra features such as exchange integration, node software, etc.

Without further delay let’s discuss the best Bitcoin desktop wallet


If you’re a newbie to the crypto world, Exodus can be the right desktop wallet for you. Exodus is a popular desktop wallet that offers a user-friendly interface and in-build exchange functionalities. The most attractive feature of Exodus is crypto swapping. Yes, you’ve heard it right! You can swap Bitcoin to Ethereum within a few clicks. The wallet supports more than 155 crypto swapping.

Exodus is offering mobile, hardware and desktop crypto wallets. Exodus is the combination of “Desktop Wallet and Cryptocurrency Apps”, enhancing your experience with these incredible apps supported by the desktop wallet. Whether you’re planning to stake or trade, you can do it within a few seconds. No sign-up or registration is required, everything is at your comfort.

Manage your Bitcoins with Exodus. The wallet will provide an outstanding approach to secure, exchange and manage Bitcoin in an easy way. Everything in one application might sound amazing. Exodus will ensure to keep your private information secure. The wallet encrypts all your private keys and crypto transaction information secretly. With 24/7 customer support, you can get solutions for any issue.


Electrum is the leading Bitcoin desktop wallet. Since 2011, Electrum has been winning crypto investors’ hearts. Electrum is specially designed for Bitcoins. If you want to store or trade Bitcoin, Electrum is the right platform for you. Also, the desktop wallet is perfect for one who is looking for advanced features as there are multiple complex options involved.

Send or receive transactions with zero worries. Electrum desktop wallet will verify every transaction using SPV. Similar to other desktop wallets, Electrum is offering a secure environment, all your personal information and private keys will be encrypted. Electrum is the open-source desktop wallet that enables you to set your custom transaction charges. Choose between Segwit and legacy Bitcoin, this allows you to define the security level that you want to use. Let’s consider, you can build a standard desktop wallet that has 2-factor or multi-step authentication.

For all the advanced crypto holders, Electrum is offering excellent functionalities and customizability. Get everything you need in one simple layout at Electrum.


Is there anybody who is unaware of the popular brand name, eToro? Of Course nobody. eToro is a popular platform that allows its users to improve their knowledge. It is a one-stop destination for stocks, crypto and more. eToro has over 25 million happy users around the world.

eToro is hosting a powerful Bitcoin wallet. Yes! You’ve heard it right. The wallet allows users to manage their crypto holdings and let them trade instantly. eToro works smartly when compared to other desktop wallets. It allows users to “copy-trade” Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by following professional investors or expert traders. All they need to do is copy the strategies and apply them accordingly. This feature is something that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Investors are trading their Bitcoin and other digital assets with a margin of upto 5 times. You can invest in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and popular crypto’s with the feature auto-invest and allocate them just like you will be diversifying your stocks, ETFs and more. Another reason to choose eToro as portfolio monitoring. Yes, you can monitor your portfolio without any hassles. Also, you can manage all your private keys and personal information using additional security features such as 2-factor authentication.


Trezor is a secure place to store all your Bitcoins. Did you know there are over 1 million users on Trezor? Yes! People are choosing Trezor for one main reason: it is offering top-notch security. Trezor has immense popularity when compared to remaining desktop wallets. Trezor Model T is offering compatible features with other digital crypto wallets. 

Trezor’s primary function is to store crypto coins securely. Let’s consider, private keys are commonly used to store Bitcoin and also other crypto coins in the wallet. People can either send or receive digital coins with ease. The private keys on the Trezor are secured with physical storage.

With a user-friendly interface, users can access several Trezor in-wallet functionalities. You can purchase Bitcoin through fiat money from an exchange platform.  On the other hand, the wallet will stay upgraded with the top security, it supports a random passcode generator every time. The passcode will change more often to stay away from keylogging.


Popular crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC)and Ethereum (ETH) have a strong investor base. Stocks or bonds can be stored on a brokerage account, but you cannot store cryptocurrencies on any traditional account. The best way to store your Bitcoins is using a digital cryptocurrency wallet. Millions of investors are storing their Bitcoins and other cryptos securely on cryptocurrency wallets. Following are the popular Bitcoin wallets available in the crypto market. Pick the best Bitcoin wallet according to your requirement. While choosing a desktop wallet, it’s crucial to check whether the provider is offering top security and offers a set of crypto management features. If you’re a newbie, choose the desktop wallet that is offering a user-friendly interface with a swapping feature.

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