Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Are you into the e-commerce world for a while? Yes! You might have familiar with “affiliate marketing”. Most people are not sure about how affiliate marketing works. In simple words, affiliate marketing is an excellent performance-related marketing model which provides amazing rewards to affiliates for generating the desired action. 

There are several advantages of affiliate marketing programs. As mentioned earlier, an affiliate will earn a commission once an action is performed, the action can be a sale or click. Affiliates will motivate their audience and drive good conversions to earn better commissions. On the other hand, it broadens the audience as well. Affiliates are found in any niche, whether you’re planning to retail or finance, you can get one for yourself.

Running an affiliate program is the best option for beginners. If you’re planning to earn money with affiliate programs, it sounds good. Keep in mind, that there are two types of affiliate models.

In-house merchant

In-house merchant is trending now! The best example of an in-house merchant is “The Amazon affiliate program”. This program is completely managed by Amazon. In Fact, the platform will have individual partner programs for its users. Though there are several in-house merchant programs available in the market, Amazon is popular among all of us. As mentioned, the Amazon affiliate network will be powered by its own affiliate tool and affiliates can earn good passive income with ease.

Affiliate network

This is an interesting affiliate model. Affiliates need to generate a good amount of traffic to target websites. Either you can bring traffic to any submission page or any specific landing page. Don’t worry! The affiliate network team will advise on how to promote the offer. With constant support, you can generate good conversions.

Best affiliate programs for beginners

Dive into the topic straight away. Let’s have a look at popular affiliate programs for beginners. It’s now easy to earn money with affiliate programs with your startup or new business.

Amazon Associates

If you’re an online shopping freak, you might be familiar with the popular brand Amazon. The world’s best e-commerce destination is offering the “Amazon Associate Program“. This could be the largest and best affiliate program for you as a beginner. The program will help publishers, bloggers and content curators monetise their existing traffic.

This program will definitely be a flagship to earning income through the monetization process. There are thousands of Amazon Associate tutorials that existed online on how to make money with Amazon Associate in your comfort zone. Start promoting Amazon products and earn good passive income. There are millions of products, programmers and other tools available on Amazon, beginners can use link-building tools and recommend Amazon’s products to their audience and make money from every qualified purchase.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is the established affiliate program designed to help every beginner. The platform will connect both advertisers and also publishers under one roof. All you need to do is join the CJ affiliate program and start earning good passive income. Commission Junction is another best affiliate program for beginners. Most people refer to Commission Junction as “CJ”. Keep in mind, that unlike Amazon Associate, CJ is a network, not an e-commerce platform.

Let’s keep things simple for you, Commission Junction will hook affiliates with global merchants. On the other, CJ will effectively manage relationships as well. If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing, CJ works best for you, since you don’t require to interact or work with the respective merchant directly. CJ offers innovative solutions with constant guidance from experts to help affiliates to grow.

There are over 1500 merchants available on CJ. These merchants range from footwear to anti-virus software. So, CJ is highly recommended for beginners. Join the network right away. Getting registered as a CJ affiliate member is easy on CJ. Once you get registered successfully, you should apply with your favourite merchants. Anyways, the procedure for approaching one merchant to another may vary. There will be few merchants who will approve instantly, others might take a couple of days and few might never respond forever.

Approach big brands and earn good passive income. Direct display ad opportunities are also available. If you face any kind of difficulties you can approach CJ customer support or access tutorials. As a beginner, you need to approach them to make your things super easy. 


Did you know, that ShareASale is another popular and trusted affiliate program for beginners? Yes! ShareASale is empowering partnerships to generate better results. Similar to Commission Junction, ShareASale is the best network that connects both merchants and publishers. Currently, there are more than 21,200 merchants available on ShareASale. Also, there are over 241,000 publishers as well. As of 2021, they have generated 194 million sales. Sounds amazing right? Yes!

Whether you’re planning to improve your sales or monetize content, ShareASale works best for you. Join the ShareASale network today. Create a long-lasting and profitable partnership with ShareASale by marketing relevant products or services on your website or blog. There are over 21,200 brands to choose from, and 260 affiliates are joining every day.

ShareASale is the best platform for everyone, whether you’re a blogger, influencer, vlogger, podcaster or anywho who is planning to make a good income. The platform helps publishers just like you by finding out the relevant partner. When you finally find a retailer partner, you can promote their products or services with ease. Also, keep a check on which transactions you’re earning a commission on. The platform will provide you with reporting and other tools. With these tools, you can get to know when a particular banner or ad got clicked and generated a commission for you. Make great use of custom tools while promoting partners to make your work effortless. Most importantly, you will get paid every month.


Awin is a global affiliate program that delivers world-class marketing solutions. Awin helps to create long-lasting and trusted partnerships which drive better growth. It empowers both advertisers and publishers to grow with ease. It supports all sizes of businesses to grow. There are 21,222+ advertisers, 241,000+ publishers and 194 million sales are generated. These digits might roll your eyes.

Awin is providing the best solution for its publishers. The good news for all the influencers, content creators and website owners, you can build a profitable partnership and grow your business with Awin’s portfolio. There are several reasons to choose Awin, 

  • Receive fast and secure payments
  • Easy-to-use
  • Flexible customer support

Awin works in a simple way. Find relevant advertisers and promote their products or services. Make sure, the brand will fit with your website audience in Awin’s Advertiser Directory. Now, start generating trackable links, images and more. Insert those links to websites, blogs or social media. These trackable links can be generated with the help of the Awin interface. Promote products or services and earn a good income.

You need to sign up for Awin’s newsletter to stay up to date. Get to know about the latest offers, promotions and important news. Get subscribe and get the information to your email directly. Don’t forget to track your performance. Awin customizable reports enable affiliates to analyze their performance. Within a single click, get instant tracking information. Check out which banner or campaign is working well and generating more transactions. 


ClickBank is named for quality products, better commission and reliable payments. If you’re looking for all these things, ClickBank is the best option for you. There are more than 100,000 global affiliates who prefer ClickBank. The platform has paid more than $5 billion to its users since 1999. Earn good commission through ClickBank. The affiliate program offers reliable payments, never ever ClickBank had missed it’s payment.

Top-performing offers are another reason to choose ClickBank. It offers high commissions. With personalized order forms, affiliates can generate higher conversions with ease. Start promoting high-quality products on your website or blog. Make great use of ClickBank device-level tracking, it offers accurate tracking you will earn income from every sale. The ranking is displayed based on the top-performing products.

Have any queries? Yes! Reach out to ClickBank customer support. Get instant access and build a better partnership without any hassles. If you’re a beginner, you need to have a look at training and education. The platform is ready to educate both beginner and experienced affiliates with marketing training and more.

Popular product categories that are offered on ClickBank are health, e-commerce, home and garden, etc. As a ClickBank affiliate partner, you can easily make money without introducing your products or services to sell. Check out over 4000 quality products that have been listed by sellers. 

Wrapping up

Ready to earn money through affiliate programs? Yes! Hope the above article is helpful for you to pick the best affiliate program.  Affiliate marketing is an excellent business that allows you to earn passive income by promoting other business products or services. As an affiliate marketer, you can quickly earn income anywhere from hundred dollars to a billion every year. Join the best affiliate programs, promote high-quality products and earn commission on every qualified sale. 

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