8 Seasonal jobs that pay you well

Seasonal jobs are an excellent way to get your foot in the door and gain experience. Be it working with an organization for a specific job role or a seasonal job that is just available right at that moment, you can make the extra cash that you want. 

The main objective of people finding a seasonal job is to make extra cash without any long-term commitment. Which is great. Most people are not looking for permanent employment or they just want to utilize the seasonal jobs to make extra money. No matter which of the above is your objective, here are a few seasonal jobs that will pay you well.

Before jumping to that part, first, let’s discuss what are the seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs are the jobs or roles that only last for a particular period in a year. The best example is holiday jobs, you know that few jobs open up only during holiday seasons. Yes! This is a perfect example of seasonal jobs. Few jobs open only during the winter season and they fade away afterward. Many industries have peak seasons and open new roles only for that particular season and once the season is done you can go back to your regular work. Cool, right?

One thing that you must understand about seasonal jobs is that they won’t last. They are just for the season, however, in some cases, you have started with a seasonal job but the employer may offer you a full-time position later. If you understand that they come with a time limit, it is a great chance to make good money, build your network, and most importantly boost your skills. 

If you are interested in learning more about seasonal jobs then keep reading.

Warehouse Associate

This is a seasonal job that opens up during the holiday season. Holidays are one of the most important seasons for organizations like Amazon. People go crazy with shopping and companies across the globe need extra hands on the deck to offer their best services to their customers. A warehouse associate is a position that opens up during peak shopping season. This job role mostly deals with either moving the inventory or handling the packing or picking the order. You will easily make something around 13 dollars/ hr.

Summer Camp Counselor

If you are looking for jobs, especially for the summer season then summer camp counselor is just perfect for you. This job is only available in the summer. And there are a variety of roles available for individuals in a summer camp. But summer camp counselors must be able to manage small groups of people, be it, teenagers or children. Also some of the camps are specifically for sports, arts, or educational activities. So make sure that you are thoroughly skilled in the position you are applying for. It is estimated that a summer camp counselor would be making anywhere between $13- $14/hr.

Retail sales associate

The retail stores are in dire need of retail sales associates when they are dealing with a huge surge in customers, which is typical during the holiday season. A large retail store usually has an increase in their sales during holiday seasons, so they typically open the positions during that time. The rate of pay varies based on the open position. The average rate of pay per hour is $14.

Customer service representative

This is also a joint position that is hired by many retail companies during peak season. The customer service representatives work in call centers and stores, this position is open wherever the customers are present. CSR’s main responsibility is that they have to handle and interact with customers on the phone, chat, or face-to-face. The average salary for CSRs is considered to be around $15/hr.

Gift Wrapper

The holiday season is a synonym for gifting. People give gifts to their near and dear ones during the holiday season. So since people purchase gifts they would also like to get them wrapped at the store only. Having a gift wrapper at the counter works as a benefit to the retail store as they can offer premium customer service. They are trained properly to wrap a gift using ribbons, tags, and papers. 


Photography can also be a seasonal job. Most families take family portraits during the holidays. Be it weddings or holidays people take pictures a lot. You can advertise yourself as a seasonal photographer and work as a freelancer or for others. You can earn more than $16/hr.

Tour guide

If you are living in a tourist spot, becoming a tour guide is a perfect seasonal job for you. All scenic spots or tourist locations see a splurge in visitors over vacation seasons. Use your local expertise to make good money. This job is perfect is especially perfect for extroverts. A tour guide can make an average of $24/hr. 


People usually head towards community pools or beaches during hot summers to enjoy a cool dip. So many people hire seasonal lifeguards to make sure that visitors are safe. These lifeguards will make sure that visitors are safe. All they need is a CPR certificate and training to protect the people. This is a perfect summer job and you can earn a minimum of $12/hr. 

In a nutshell

These are a few seasonal jobs that you can work without a permanent work commitment. You can work part-time between your school year or college. Even if you are freelancing, you can find these seasonal jobs for extra cash. Are you interested in knowing more about the side hustle that will help you in earning extra money then check out the Zeen website? We have curated tons of articles on side hustles that will help you earn good money. Hope that you have found this article helpful and found a job that will work for you. Check out more articles on side hustles on our website.

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