6 interesting side hustles for lawyers to make extra bucks

As a lawyer, you can earn good money. Well, this is when you have established yourself on the market. Lawyers are one of the highest-paid and most well-respected professionals across the globe. This shouldn’t stop them from making extra money from a side hustle, right? As you already know, side hustles have become an active part of one’s financial life irrespective of the income scale. You earn $100 bucks a week or $1000, won’t you be up for earning more money if you have a chance? You would right? Also, right after graduation, there are only a few lawyers that start earning good money, the rest start with normal income. And in the current times, it is highly hard to keep up with rising costs and inflation. Apart from bills, they will also be overwhelmed with student debts that they have to pay.  If you are one such person struggling to meet ends and want to make extra money using your lawyer degree then this article is for you. Stick till the end of this article as we will discuss a few interesting side hustles that lawyers can do to earn extra bucks.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

LSAT and Bar Exam Tutoring

One of the best side hustles that can help lawyers in earrings a good income is tutoring. As you have already cleared LSATs and Bar Exams then naturally you would have the experience of giving the exams, why not utilize this expertise and help students who are planning to give their bar exams and LSATs? You can post on your social media sites or tell your friends to spread the word. As you see, getting your first client may be hard but once you get started then you will automatically figure out your next step. Taking classes on weekends will not interfere with your work week and not disturb your work balance and allow you to earn extra money. Also, there are many virtual platforms where you can start teaching students. Just remember, where there is a will there is a way. On average, a person can make $100/hr or more through tutoring.

Start a blog

If you are someone who wants to spread your legal knowledge and help people on the internet to access legal content easily, then starting a blog would be the best idea. Well! Apart from helping others with legal doubts, you can also start making good money through advertisements on your blog. However, before you get all excited jump into the idea. Remember that there are many different areas in law so chose an area in which you have high expertise. Start with research, check out the content that your fellow bloggers are putting out in your niche and then try finding how you will make your brand unique from others. One thing that you must remember is that blog is not overnight magic, it takes a lot of patience and quality content before you start seeing results.

Legal Writing

Yes! Another lucrative side hustle that will lawyers in earning good money is freelance legal writing. Well, you can either work with only one client as a part-time employee or work with multiple clients as a freelancer. No matter which way you choose you can make good money through this side hustle. As a part of legal writing, you will be working on social media posts, contracts, terms and conditions, articles & books related to legal topics, and much more. If you do have a specialized niche your earnings will increase your income significantly. As a legal writer, You can earn get paid more than $500 for 1000 words.

Law school admissions consultant

Another interesting side hustles for lawyers to make quick bucks is working as a law school admissions consultant. Most students dream of getting into their desired law school, however, only a few of them understand and succeed in getting into their dream school. Since you have already finished your education you already know and all you have to do is offer up this knowledge to students and make good money. Law school consulting services usually charge more than $5000 for their service. As a service, you will be helping students with everything related to their admission, from school selection to interview preparation, you will be guiding them in every step. 


These days everyone has a podcast. People do have podcasts to discuss from anything to everything these days. How about you also utilizing this medium to talk about the law? Well, this side hustle does have a chance of drawing the attention of law students and also other people working in law fields. It is also an excellent way for you to spread knowledge. From interviewing major people in your field to sharing your experience or discussing cases there is a lot you can do. One of the major sources of income for podcasts is that you can earn good money from sponsorships from brands in the future. Before you start your podcast journey make sure that you check out other popular podcasts in your niche and take a step.

Mobile Notary services

Honestly, this is one of the easiest and an interesting side hustles that a lawyer can work with. Notary services are quite necessary and having a legal background is not compulsory, however, having one can always be plus. This is an excellent way to earn money for people who have recently graduated to are still studying law. Even if you are a lawyer you can make good money through notary services. When a person purchases property there are typically hundreds of documents that need to be signed and one appointment can easily get you around $100. 

In a nutshell,

As you have made it to the end of this article, you would have found many interesting side hustles that can easily help lawyers in earning extra money. So why do you pick a side hustle that best aligns with your needs and goals? If you are more interested in such interesting articles then check the zeen website.

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