6 Excellent Ways Kids Can Earn Money

To grow up, you must experience the world. You need to learn and develop your perspective and be able to think independently. But how can a child work when they are still in school? It almost seems like a contradiction. Many parents are asking their kids to start earning money. They don’t want their kids to be spoiled and they believe that having an income will teach them responsibility. As a parent they want their kids to realize that they don’t have to rely on other people’s financial aid to live their life. Not everyone has the same opportunities or things available to them. 

Want to know how kids can start earning money? The first question that pops into people’s minds is how. It is an interesting question about how kids can start to earn money. There are several ways kids can start making some extra money. But the most common way is getting a part-time job. Earning is not only important for parents but also for kids. 

In today’s world, kids should start earning money from the beginning of their school life. After all, it is now a common practice for schools to start teaching entrepreneurial skills from grade 1 onwards. This way students can learn how to manage their businesses and even make money. The reason why kids need to begin earning money is that it will help them understand that “you can earn your living by working hard”. Moreover, it will teach them many things about work ethics as well as entrepreneurship and also help them become self-reliant in future.

Wanna know why kids should start earning money? It’s not just so they can buy their favourite toys. It’s also to help them build skills and discover who they are as people. Here are a few ways kids can earn money.

Dog Walking

Kids have a pure relationship with animals. If your kids are affectionate towards animals and you want them to start earning money from a young age then dog walking is a good option. Through this part-time chore, your kid dont have to go far away as you can find such jobs in your neighbourhood. This is an excellent way to start your kids’ earning journey as it doesn’t have any upfront costs. Pet owners do want to keep their dogs active so they are looking for dog walkers that can help them in managing their pets. 

Yard Caring

Another interesting small job that you can take up around your neighbourhood is yard caring. Most people like maintaining their yards regularly. However, the only issue is that they dont have time to get to it. You can ask your parents to let the people in the neighbourhood know that you are offering yard caring services.

Or if you are a parent then you can hook your kids up with their first job. The most things that kids will be handling are pulling weeds, snow shovelling, leaf raking, picking up branches, etc. The best way to let the people in your neighbourhood notify you about this is that you can make a few flyers and drop them off at your neighbourhood community or your neighbour’s door.

Lemonade Stand

One of the most common ways a kid can earn money is at a lemonade stand. Well! This would have been the first job for many adults too. This a business that does have few upfront costs but all the kids need to do is learn to make lemonade. They can take the capital from their parents and then start the business. This is the best way to help your children in understanding business, you can help them start their entrepreneurial journey from a young age. People enjoy drinking cold beverages like lemonade and you will see that, especially on a hot day how many people will stop by a lemonade stand. 

Twitch Streaming

If your kid is above 13 years old and enjoys talking and playing video games then you can help them set up a twitch channel and start streaming. Although it is a must to have parental supervision in the twitch gaming platform. Your kids can earn good money through streaming as they get money through donations, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, etc. 


One of the most traditional ways a kid can earn money is through babysitting. Well! This job has been around for many decades and it is a classic part-time job that any kid starts with. The money you can make from babysitting can be high. This is a job that you can get from people in your neighbourhood or your family and friends. Based on the child’s age and the amount of time you need to babysit you can earn good money. 

Collecting and reselling golf balls

One of the most underrated gigs that can help kids earn more money is collecting and reselling golf balls. The only thing about this job is that you should know where to look for it. You can find them in different places on the golf course, all you need is patience and a lot of energy to find all the balls on the golf course. If you are consistent then you can know more obvious areas where you can find the golf balls. Once you collect enough balls you can either sell them in bulk to wholesalers or some marketplaces that make selling them easy.

In a nutshell,

Kids should start earning money from a very early age because it’s a great experience. It improves self-esteem, teaches responsibility and builds work ethic. Money makes them feel more powerful and independent. Parents are constantly looking for ways to encourage their kids to learn the money-making skills that they need as they continue to grow.

When they’re young, they can open up a bank account, pay bills and save money. But it’s only later in life that many people start earning. We think it’s worth considering why you should start early. As you have made it to the end of this article, you would have found different ways for kids to make money. Check out zeen’s website to read more such finance-related and money-saving related articles. 

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