50 Small Scale Business Ideas for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Coming up with the right idea is the most important step in starting any business. You can’t afford to take risks with the wrong business idea. Are you interested in starting a business for yourself? Dreaming to make millions from your business? Well, this is the time you make those dreams of yours become a reality. All that you need to begin the process is a business idea. Once you have the idea that works out for you, everything else falls in the line automatically. 

So, do you have a business idea? Probably not, if you did you wouldn’t be here looking for business ideas. Right? Or maybe you do, you might just have come here to check your options. Whatever is the reason you are here, be assured that by the end of this article, you will go back with at least one business idea for your entrepreneurship if not many. Having the right business idea at the right time could change your life for the better. But not all of us are creative enough to come up with ideas on the spot, don’t you agree? Some of us might be better at putting them to work than coming up with the ideas. If you are struggling to find the right idea for your business, don’t worry, you are in the right place. We have researched and gathered a whole of 50 small business ideas for entrepreneurs like you. Let’s go ahead and find the right idea for your business.


If you have an interest in documenting and writing about things, Blogging could be the right fit for you. There are literally thousands of people who are making money with blogging now. You can even create your blog for free on many websites. If you are looking for small business ideas at which you can enjoy yourselves and make money at the same time, blogging could be the right fit for you.

Once you start up your blog, you should work on advertising it and bringing the readers to your blog. Once people start liking the blog content your business will only go upwards from there. You can even start more blogs and expand your business once you see success in the first one


Ever found yourself fixing things around the house? Do you consider your work to be effective? You might have also helped your friends when things at their place need fixing. Yes? Then you can start your own handyman services and provide your services where they are needed. You can do any work as a handyman. You can list out all the things you can help with and advertise your service locally and you will hear from a lot of people that needs your help. You can even ask your friends to put a word with their neighbours and other friends on your behalf and refer your services to them

Dating Consultant (Online)

Dating has become a complex thing for many people out there. A lot of people today have difficulty finding the right words to say or find the right gift among many other things. Do these things come easy to you? Or maybe you have experience in such things or learnt what and when about dating from many real-life examples. If you think this is your cup of tea, you can become an online dating consultant and help others make fewer mistakes in their dating lives.

Personal Trainer

The demand for personal trainers is on the rise lately. Since the pandemic brought about several lifestyle changes to everyone’s lives, many people are now focused more on staying fit, following diet etc. If you think you have it in you, you can start your career as a personal trainer by being with people on their life-altering journey towards better health. For starters, you can start with a social media account and online consultations and can expand it more depending on the response.

Freelance Developer

Tired of a 9 to 5 job at a corporate office? Want to shift to a more leisure side of your career. How about freelancing? Are you a web developer? or can provide technical expertise to the people that need it? If Yes, how about you start providing the Freelance Developer service. Many small companies don’t have a full-time developer team and they would be willing to pay a good amount to the freelancers who can provide them quality services. You can utilize these opportunities and make money out of them.

Career Coach

A lot of people today have difficulties in navigating through life. Going forward in life is what each one of us hopes for. But some of us are not as good as others when it comes to planning and implementing part of life. And that some could use the help of others in determining what they need in their life, career opportunities and other major and minor life decisions. If you are someone who is experienced in such aspects, you can begin by coaching others to achieve balance in their lives and career. Believe us, there are a lot of people out there spending lots of money on career and life coaches and this is your opportunity to help them and make some money for yourself in the process.

Resume writer

There are a big portion of people out there, who are looking for jobs, shifting companies etc. All of this process must begin with them sending over their resume to the companies. Your resume is the first thing that the hiring companies see and is that which makes the first impression of you. But the problem most people today face is that, even though they know everything about themselves, when it comes to putting things on the resume their fingers don’t move ahead. They suddenly forget ABCs too. 

Believe us this is the case with more people than you would imagine. Each one of their thoughts would be “it would be so great if someone wrote it for me”. Well, you could be that someone to write their resumes for them. If you can write resumes well, you can start with writing resumes for your friends and expand your business from there. You can also learn from experts online and put it to work.

Sewing and Alteration

Any business’s success for the most part depends on the demand it has among the consumers. Finding a problem that most of us frequently face and coming up with a solution to it works wonders. One thing that was constant for a very long is that people love their outfits and these outfits need a lot of sewing and alteration work over the period. Finding someone in your neighbourhood is not so easy. So starting a sewing and alteration service locally and expanding it, later on, could be a great small business idea

Cycle Rentals

Cycle rentals could be one of the best ones of the small business ideas in this article. This business idea costs you less comparatively and you won’t have to work much either. You just need to buy a few cycles and rent them to people on a timely basis. You just have to spend a little money up front and the rest you can earn from your business in no time.

Freelance Writer

If you are good at writing there are a lot of people and companies ready to pay you a good amount of money for your content. Some companies pay on an hourly basis, some pay per article and some pay per word. Find the best deals that suit you and start writing. You can make more money with freelance writing than you do with regular jobs too. You just need to work efficiently and submit the work on time.

Garden Designer

Some of us are not that great when it comes to gardening and digging in and stuff. But what we might be good at is planning and organising. If you are someone like that, you can take up the job as a garden designer and help people plan and organise their outdoor space for their gardens.

Freelance graphic designer

Graphic designers are in high demand these days. A lot of companies are looking for graphic designers on a part-time/full-time and freelance basis too. Even though you work a 9 to 5 job, you can start a freelance graphic designing business in your free time. The only investment you will be needing for your business here is your skill.


People cherish the moments in their life dearly. Being able to capture those moments lively is a gift. There is high demand for videography these days. The equipment and cameras etc that are used for videography is expensive. So is the demand and pay for the videographers. So, if you know your way with the camera this could be a great small business idea that makes you more money in no time.


The landscaping business is very popular and is in high demand too. People these days don’t have time to do anything and less to do mowing and other landscaping works. So they hire people to do it for them. If you have the equipment needed you can start your landscaping business right away or else, you can rent the equipment until you make enough money to buy one and work on it later. 


Are you interested in making and crafting wooden objects? Can you make furniture and other beautiful goods with wood? If yes, you can start your Woodworking business and sell your goods locally and on some online sites too.

Home inspector

Home inspection services offer you a regular and stable income for your business. The home inspection is needed for every house to check for any structural or mechanical issues with the house. But in order to start working as a home inspector, you need to get a certification from your state and check with all the guidelines related to the home inspection business.


Dropshipping has become a go-to option for anyone who wants to do a product-based business.  With dropshipping you do not need to have a warehouse or any stock inventory, you don’t need to keep the products with you at all. When you receive an order you can just place an order with a third party supplier and have them deliver it to the customers directly. Before you start the dropshipping business you first need to find trustworthy suppliers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise today. Traditional marketing methods have now become outdated and now people are showing more interest in digital marketing as they make it easier for them to capture leads and their conversion. You can start a digital marketing business today and help your clients reach their target customers. You could start by gathering a few content strategists, graphic designers, social media managers, SEO specialists or can do it all by yourself if you can. But digital marketing has a promising future and if you really put in your best efforts into it you will see promising results in both your and your client’s businesses.


This is the generation of parents where both of them go to work and every new parent is afraid of leaving their baby alone at home. That is why they hire babysitters or drop their children at a daycare. Leaving their kids alone with someone is not a pleasant experience for any parents. What you can do on your part is make them worry less by doing your job effectively as a child care expert. There are a lot of worrying parents out there that need childcare services and your business could keep them at ease and make money for you too. 

eCommerce store

Starting an eCommerce store is very easy today and if you have a product in mind, you can set up your eCommerce store right away. In the beginning, you don;t need to spend big amounts on your store, you can just list out a product or two in your store and market it. Once people like your products and start ordering them you can spend more of your stock as your business grows.

Mobile garage

Have you ever been stuck on a road because of car trouble? Such instances could be really frustrating and if you are far from the city, getting help with the car is very difficult too. This happens more frequently to a lot of people and this right here could be one of your small business ideas. You can start up a mobile garage to repair and help with people’s vehicles by providing their services anywhere they are.

Home-cooked meals

Do you remember how it was when we were students living far from home? We were always in a hurry and didn’t get much time to do anything for that matter. And for most of our meals, we would end up eating some junk in the cafeteria or somewhere else. Same when we were working jobs too. If we had someone to supply us with home-cooked food then, we would be way healthier than we are now. Home-cooked meals are in demand these days and if you have time and interest in cooking, you can make home cooking your small business idea and supply home-cooked meals to the people.


Aquariums have become popular gifts these days. If you want to start an aquarium business, you need to first buy a few aquariums of different sizes and other aquarium equipment wholesale. This business doesn’t need you to invest a high amount. With just a small investment you can start your aquarium business, you can even sell fish with the tanks too. Other equipment like oxygen filters, lights etc., brings more profit to the business.

Pet care

The majority of the US population have pets and most of them have more than one pet. People spend fortunes on their pets and like to keep them well-groomed and taken care of. You can open pet care locally, and offer grooming services, pet styling, bathing, massages and more to the pets and you will see people lining up in no time. 

Candle making

Candles are becoming popular day by day. For a romantic dinner, peaceful sleep, meditation, decoration, there are plenty of other instances where people prefer candles. Since you are here looking for small business ideas, how about you start a candle making business. Making candles is very easy and you can make different types of candles for different occasions. You can even add fragrance to them and make fragrant candles. Once you start your business you can even take orders from people to make customised candles too

Party services

A lot of parties are hosted every day by people. Some birthday parties, some wedding receptions, Bachelor parties and many more occasions. You can offer party services for all these types of parties by supplying them with party decorations, Mascot appearances, games, party buses and many party supplies. With the number of parties happening each day, your business will cherish in no time

Food truck

Are you passionate about cooking and serving? If you are interested you can start a food truck business. Unlike opening a restaurant, you don’t need to lease any expensive spaces for your business. You should just buy a truck and model it accordingly to suit your business and you can bring the restaurant to people on the wheels.

Packers and Movers

Packers and movers services are everywhere these days. If there isn’t one in your locality, you can start one yourself. People are moving constantly and they definitely need help with packing and moving their things. You can offer deals and discounts, in the beginning, to market your business and later on bring the prices back to normal. 

Home appliance renting

Do you own home appliances that you aren’t using anymore but are working perfectly fine? You can rent them out to people on a monthly basis and make money from them. You can even pursue this as a business opportunity and start renting out appliances to people and earn money. To start the business you might need to purchase a few appliances(new or used) and market your business around to the people who might need your services.

Dog walking

Are you a dog lover? Would you like to spend an hour or two from your day spending time with those furry babies? If yes, you can start a dog walking business and provide your services to the dog owners who need your services. Even though people love their pets, their busy life won’t give them a time of their day to take their pets on a walk. You can help them keep that worry at bay and have a good time for yourself too while walking the dogs and get paid in return.

Translation services

If you are fluent in any other language other than English, you can start providing translation services. You can ofcourse tutor others too, but if you don’t want to interact with people that much, you can make a lot of money translating papers and other works to English and from English too. You can also work as a translator for big companies and help them in interacting and dealing with clients from other countries.

Wedding planners

A wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s life. They want everything to go on well and flawlessly at the event. People spend tons of money on their weddings and at some point, they would lose track of the things that need to be done. That is where you come into the picture, as the wedding planner, you would look after and take care of everything at the wedding and make sure nothing is left out or missed. The wedding planner industry is growing each day and this is the perfect time to start your business.

Social media managing

Almost all businesses, small or big, have turned to social media marketing lately. Companies are now hiring social media managers to take care of their social media handles and keep them running and updated. If you are someone who can manage such things effectively you can offer your services to the companies and help them manage their accounts.

Tutoring services

If you are an expert in any subject or language or skill, you can offer your tutoring services to others. Are you good at music, or playing an instrument, or french or Spanish or any foreign language, mathematics, chemistry, or any other subject for that matter you can tutor others who are interested in learning them. If you are not comfortable teaching them directly, you can offer online tutoring services too.

Clothing store

Opening a clothing store is easy and comes with low investment too. You can open a store on your street or at your home or even online and sell the clothes. If possible create a brand for yourself and work on promoting your brand. Go with the trend and see what is popular at the moment. Or you can resell the clothes at your store. Anything you do, a clothing store is always a great business idea

Catering services

There are many events happening each day and a lot of people attend the events. This right here could be your cashing point. Almost all the events would serve food following the event. If you are interested you can cash all these opportunities by providing them catering services. Yes, catering services are catching on with other businesses these days. Even though opening a food truck or a restaurant is preferred by more people, they are now turning to cater services as a way to enter big leagues. 

Product reviewer

If you are looking to make money right from your home, you can start a product reviewing business. As a product reviewer, you will review the products of different companies and write reviews about the products or their services to encourage the readers to buy their products. You can post the reviews on your blog if you have one, or you can sell them to the companies and websites for money.


Can you bake? Or do you have your grandmother’s recipe book tucked in somewhere in the house? Well, this is the time you find it. That recipe book or your baking skill could as well be your small business idea. You can start a bakery locally and sell your baked goods, cookies etc. If your recipes are good, you will attract the crowd in no time and can grow your business. Your goods should be appealing to both the eyes and mouth, making the products visually appealing increases the chances of them getting sold faster.

Coffee shop

Over the years, coffee has made a special place for itself in the lives of people. Most people can’t go on with their everyday lives without having a good cup of coffee. Setting up a coffee shop in a nice area could bring you more profits. The two most important things for a coffee shop are the ambience and the coffee. The ambience of the shop is as important as the taste of your coffee. People come to coffee shops to relax while having a cup of coffee, or to meet up with someone. A nice and pleasant ambience in the shop could be a major hype for the business.


Do you have any experience managing accounts or with bookkeeping? If yes, you can start with bookkeeping as your small business idea. You will be needed to manage accounts, process payrolls, and prepare tax returns for your clients. If it is something you can do, you can start your Bookkeeping business right away.

Website Designer

A website is the face of the business online and it is their virtual presence online. However small or big a business is they all need a website. If you are good with web designing, you can offer your services to businesses and build them the websites they need. Some companies, even though they already have a website, like to change the look and design of their websites every now and then, so you can offer your designing services to them there.


If you are interested in photography you can start your photography business. You will need a professional camera and other equipment needed for taking photos. Photography has become more than just a passion these days, you can take pictures and sell them as stock images for companies and websites. You can also use them as NFTs too. Other than that you can provide professional photography services to weddings, parties and events also.

Yoga Studio

Today most people in the world are turning to yoga for physical and mental wellness. The interest people show in a healthy lifestyle and peaceful mind is what makes the Yoga studio more successful. If you are well aware of the asanas you can coach the people yourself or you can hire someone to do the coaching and pay them from your earnings

Mobile Apps

Companies and brands are now showing even more interest in their mobile applications than they do for their websites. This is because of the target population. There are billions of smartphone users around the world and mobile applications provide a way to do business globally and reach more people. If you can develop mobile applications you can come up with a mobile app for yourself that functions according to your business idea or you can even build apps for others in exchange for money.

Interior designing

If you are good with planning, organising and home decor, you can start an interior designing business. You can find plenty of people who are looking to remodel their house interiors, change the decorations, wallpapers and several other things. Being an interior designer you can help people who have no clue about where to start. Getting good projects right away is not so easy. Start by designing your friends’ and family’s house interiors and every project you complete, add it to your portfolio and later on you will get good deals.

Home Stay

Homestay services are on the growing slope lately. Previously when we go on a vacation to someplace we used to look for hotels nearby to stay there. Now, people are searching for homestays in the area rather than hotels. If you live in an area where there are frequent visitors and tourists, you can offer homestay to the people and get paid for renting out a room from your home. People look for places that feel like home when they are in an unfamiliar place and homestay services could be a win-win solution for both you and the customer.

Make-up artist

Make-up artists are in high demand these days. Whether it is an event, a wedding or a party, people want to look flawless and they would like a professional to do their make up for their big days or important events. If you know your way around the same, you can kick start your career as a makeup artist and if you really are good at what you do, your business will grow in no time.

Travel Planning

As a travel planner, you would help your clients book their tickets and make reservations at the destination city of their vacations. You could help them in listing down all the things to do and places to visit on your vacation and make sure they don’t miss out on anything important. But most people are now comfortable doing all the bookings by themselves as the internet made things easier. But it helps your business grow if you specialise in any special places. For example a trip to Disneyland or camping at some famous place etc.

Tour Guide

Are you familiar with the history of your place or any tourist spot around your place? Even if you are not familiar with the history you can learn it in a few days. Once you are good with the history and information about the place you can become a tour guide and assist the tourists that visit the place throughout their tour. 

Personal Assistant

If you are someone who can keep things organised and schedule things effectively, you can put those skills to work by starting your career as a personal assistant. If you don’t like being stuck in the same office the whole day, you can offer your services virtually.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have made it to the end, you might already have found the business idea for your small business. Whatever business you decide to start, do thorough research about the business and its needs. Make a business plan and follow it. Also, marketing your business plays a key role in the success of your business especially when you are just starting out. Found this article helpful? For more such articles visit Zeen.

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