5 interesting tiktok side hustles that you should know about

Can you make money with side hustles? The answer is a definite yes. There are plenty of people who have made more money doing side hustling than some of their full-time jobs. In fact, it is often more than they would get in salary from one job.

Many side hustles are fun and can help pay bills, but others can be viewed as businesses. These can look like a second income opportunity for some people if the business is successful. You could always make money with side hustles but are they legit? We have a look at the three main ways to make money online, as well as some of the cons and pros of each one before you decide which one is for you.

The main question that comes to one’s mind when talking about side hustles is why people need side hustles when they can earn good money from their primary source of income. One thing that you must understand is that earning more money is especially good as it will give you financial freedom and also help you in reaching your desired lifestyle goals. Not only that increasing inflation is also one of the main reasons why having an extra income source will help you in leading a peaceful life. 


One of the side hustles that most influencers on tiktok are talking about is transcription. There are platforms like Rev and Dictation.io that are speech recognition platforms. These platforms are connecting users with freelancers that can transcript audio into text. One thing that you must look for is quality work, since the market is saturated it can take a while for you to penetrate into it and start making good money.

However, rely on delivering quality work and you will surely succeed. Make sure that you always double-check the transcription. Although there are many AI-powered transcription tools in the market, there is still scope for beginners. You can easily make around $1 per transcription. It is not hard to make around $50- $100 per month easily.

Low-cost publishing

Journaling is currently one of the most popular trends. People are in their self-improvement era leading them to improve their daily habits that will in turn improve their lifestyle. This has created more demand for journals and diaries. The journals and diaries are coming with interesting features, some of them even have self-help questions and questionnaires that will help you in recording your thoughts more clearly.

Creating and publishing journals on Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best ways people can earn money for a long time. Low-cost publishing is one of the best side hustles that will earn you good money. You can easily create your own journal designs using platforms like Canva and upload them on Amazon, name the price including your profit, and whenever a customer orders the journal Amazon will take care of everything from printing to shipping. 

House roofs & lawn maintenance

These days people are extremely busy and this is truly not giving them enough time to take care of their house. They are paying a good amount for maintenance of their roofs and lawn. Most of us had lawn mowing as our first part-time job and it was pretty good part-time as it paid a good amount.

In tiktok, we are seeing many companies that are offering house roof and lawn maintenance services and they are making good money. One thing is sure you dont have to start a maintenance company to make good money, you can just start it as a part-time or a side hustle and earn good money. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms and start taking gigs.

Painting house number on the curb

Every house has a number on its curb and over time they will start fading away and need to be repainted. So there is no doubt that this could be an excellent money-paying side hustle. Tiktok influencers have been showing many videos on how one can make money through this side hustle, it is especially best for teenagers or college students who want to make good money.

You can easily make around good money and all you need is nothing more than $50 for the raw materials and they can be easily available in stores like home depot. All you have to do is do some marketing like posting on social media platforms, local communities, and door-to-door knocking. If there are more competitors in the neighbourhood then you will have to do better promotion. However, if you dont then you will not have to worry about it.


Dropshipping has become one of the most popular side hustles in the market. The main reasons behind the popularity of dropshipping are that the supplier will directly send the products to the customers and you will not have to worry about manufacturing.

Print-on-demand stores are becoming more popular and you can create interesting designs on canva, photoshop, etc and directly publish them on your store, you can also easily create your stores on platforms like Shopify and market them in social media platforms and increase the traffic of your website.

One thing that you should consider about dropshipping is that it is not as easy as it sounds and there are many things that you should know and understand before you start.

In a nutshell,

Side hustles are an interesting way to earn good money. They provide you with an additional source of income and help you in improving your lifestyle. Not to forget that having an additional income will always come in handy in case of emergencies. Find interesting side hustles that will work out for you and start immediately.

In this article, we have provided you with side hustles that are being mentioned in tiktok, check out all the side hustles mentioned in the article and pick one that suits your requirements.  If you are interested in more articles about saving, side hustles, and investing then visit the zeen website. 

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